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The processing technology of heat transfer paper

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Thermal transfer printing is a new technology of energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection. The printing process not only saves energy, but also is a zero-pollution, zero-emission printing technology. Therefore, in the printing industry, heat transfer paper is an essential consumable.

 As we know,the application of heat transfer paper is wide,it mainly used in the clothing industry, and heat transfer paper for t shirts is the most popular in the market. Many people want to know the processing technology of heat transfer paper. VISION is a professional heat transfer paper factory and manufacturer,we will share with you what processing techniques are available for thermal transfer paper?

1. Sublimation
This is the most commonly used method, it is to use the sublimation characteristics of disperse dyes.That is disperse dyes with a molecular weight of 250~400 and a particle diameter of 0.2~2 microns and a water-soluble carrier (such as sodium alginate) or alcohol-soluble carrier (such as ethyl acetate) based on cellulose) and oil-soluble resin to make ink, and process it on a transfer printing machine at 200~230°C for 20~30 seconds to transfer the disperse dye to synthetic fibers such as polyester and fix the color.

2. Swimming method
The dyes in the ink layer of the heat transfer paper are selected according to the properties of the fibers. The fabric is first treated by padding with a mixed solution composed of color-fixing auxiliaries and paste, and then transferred to the fabric from the t shirt printing transfer paper by hot-pressing electrophoresis in a wet state, and then the dye is transferred from the fabric transfer paper to the fabric and fixed. Finally,wet treatment such as steam washing. During dye transfer, greater pressure is required between the fabric and the heat transfer paper.

3. Fusion method
The ink layer of the heat transfer paper is based on dyes and waxes. By melting and pressing, the ink layer is embedded in the fabric, so that part of the ink is transferred to the fiber, and then the corresponding post-processing is performed according to the properties of the dye. When the fusion method is used, a larger pressure is required, and the transfer rate of the dye improves with the increase of the pressure.

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heat transfer paper for t-shirt

4. Ink layer peeling method
Using the ink that can produce strong adhesion to the fibers after being heated, the entire ink layer can be transferred from the heat transfer paper to the fabric under a relatively small pressure, and then the corresponding color fixing treatment is carried out according to the properties of the dye.

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