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How to judge the quality of the heat transfer vinyl?

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With the improvement of people’s quality of life, most people began to pursue the diversity of clothing, and the heat transfer vinyl also began to enter the attention of clothing manufacturers. So, why is heat transfer vinyl so popular? The purpose of heat transfer vinyl is to hot stamp the pattern onto the clothing. Various personalized patterns are hot stamped on the clothing, which make our clothing personalize. Therefore, the quality of heat transfer vinyl is very important, so how do we judge the quality of heat transfer vinyl?

In this article,the engineers by VISION heat transfer vinyl manufacturer analyze the quality of heat transfer vinyl from three aspects: the production and raw materials of heat transfer vinyl, the characteristics of heat transfer vinyl products, and the use of heat transfer vinyl.

The production and raw materials of heat transfer vinyl

The quality of t-shirt vinyl is determined by the raw materials of the heat transfer vinyl. High-quality toner and glue can improve the quality of the heat transfer vinyl. Only by preparing high-quality materials in the early stage can a high-quality heat transfer vinyl be produced. Therefore,all the toners and glues used in the heat transfer vinyls produced by VISION heat transfer vinyl factory are all produced by world-renowned companies. The use of these materials can effectively reduce the problems of glue overflow, color layer and glue layer separation. In addition, in order to ensure the quality of heat transfer vinyl, it is also necessary to pay attention to the production process, the operation of the coating machine, and the quality inspection during the production process. Only in this way can the quality of heat transfer vinyl be guaranteed.

The application of heat transfer vinyl

The HTV vinyl is mainly used in the hot stamping of textiles, such as luggage and clothing. The heat transfer vinyl will produce different effects according to different materials, so there are many kinds of heat transfer vinyls. Therefore, customers need to choose the corresponding heat transfer vinyl according to their own needs.

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Judge the quality by using heat transfer vinyl

1. The operation of heat transfer vinyl: whether the heat transfer vinyl is easy to engrave, cut, and weed.
2. The problem of hot stamping of heat transfer vinyl: the convenience of hot stamping of heat transfer vinyl and the problem of weeding.
3. Will the heat transfer vinyl fall off after hot stamping: that is, the problem of washing,The hot melt adhesive melts and adheres to the fabric after sufficient time. The high-quality heat transfer vinyl will not fall off after washing.
4. The PU heat transfer vinyl is hot stamped on the garment, its elastic is good or not, whether it is cracked when pulled, etc.

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If heat transfer vinyl factory cuts corners in production, the quality of heat transfer vinyl varies greatly:
1. The material is hard;
2. Poor hand feel;
3. The lighting effect is not good (ie color difference);
4. Easy to degumming and discoloration;

Such heat transfer vinyl is very harmful to our body, so we must look at the manufacturer when wholesale heat transfer vinyl, and choose a powerful heat transfer vinyl manufacturer. VISION is a professional manufacturer of thermal transfer consumables. We mainly produce heat transfer paper, sublimation paper, heat transfer vinyl, dtf printing, and provide customers with one-stop service for tshirt transfer printing.If you are interested in our digital printing products, please feel free to contact us or watch our VIDEO.

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