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Notice of VISION Spring Festival holiday

notice of VISION-2022

All employees of the company:

The Spring Festival in 2022 is approaching. In order to facilitate the company’s colleagues to arrange their work and life in advance, according to the notice of the State Council and the Shanghai Municipal Government on the Spring Festival holiday, and considering the eagerness of colleagues to go home for the Spring Festival, the time off schedule of the Spring Festival holiday in our company is as follows:

Please arrange your work properly. The specific arrangements are as follows:
1. Spring Festival holiday time: 9 days from January 29, 2022 (Saturday) to February 6, 2022 (Sunday).
2. During the Spring Festival holiday, please turn off the power supply equipment, lock the doors and windows, etc., do a good job in safety precautions, and beware of accidents, so that everyone can have a safe and worry-free holiday.
3. All employees must keep their mobile phones switched on during holidays to keep in touch.
4. All employees are requested to make good work arrangements before and after the holidays.

For our customers:Thank you for your support and trust in the past years.I hope we have a better cooperation in the future.And I wish you all a happy Spring Festival and auspicious year of the tiger!
If you have any questions about our products,please leave us a message.

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