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Sublimation paper introduction about sticky sublimation paper

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What is sticky sublimation paper?

Sticky sublimation paper is a new type of sublimation paper developed by VISION sublimation paper factory according to the needs of some customers. It can effectively solve the problems due to the ghosting, deformation and other problems caused by the displacement of the cloth and transfer paper. It is especially suitable for fabrics with relatively large elasticity.It can improve the transfer rate, which is emerging in foreign countries.

The features of adhesive sublimation paper

Sticky sublimation paper will stick firmly to the paper during transfer printing to avoid blurring of image edges and loss of image details due to displacement during transfer.

How to use sticky sublimation paper?

1. Print the pattern on sticky sublimation paper with sublimation ink and let it dry.
2. Put the printed paper on the fabric to be transferred (the print side is facing down the fabric), and press it with a press machine. The pressing temperature is 200~210 degrees Celsius, and the time is 25~30 seconds. It will stick to the paper, tear the paper after it cools slightly, and the pattern will be transferred to the fabric.

The precautions before using the sticky sublimation paper

1. Do not expose the adhesive sublimation paper to high temperature for a long time before transfer, otherwise the viscosity may decrease.
2. Before transfer, test the sample, test the transfer fastness with tape, and then carry out the water washing test. According to customer requirements, the washing test standard is not less than 3 times, and there should be no shedding or warping after washing.
3. Check the transfer sample shape, size, curing, adhesion, tension, etc.
4. When using special equipment for thermal transfer, the equipment must be checked to determine the temperature, time and pressure of the workbench.
5. The transfer table is clean and free of obstacles.
6. The color of the transferred pieces meets the order requirements, the position is accurate, and there is no shedding, deformation, warping, cracking and other phenomena.
7. Conveying normal temperature control range Fabric temperature (℃) time (s) pressure (MPA).
8. Please make sure the ink is fully dry when transferring.
9. The viscosity of the sticky sublimation paper will change in different temperature and humidity environments. If the viscosity is too large, you can wait for 3 to 5 minutes or longer after pressing and then tear it apart after cooling.
10. Pay attention to the following test requirements: Test the fastness of the transfer with tape, in addition, you need to test the fastness of the transfer with tape after washing, and then knead, rub and scrap to observe whether there is peeling change in appearance, and finally, do a tensile test to check whether the pattern has cracks, breaks, and no springback.

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sticky sublimation paper

The application of sticky sublimation paper

Adhesive sublimation paper can be widely used in various chemical fiber and blended fabrics, especially for elastic fabrics.

How to store the sticky sublimation paper?

The sticky sublimation paper has strong hygroscopic ability, please be sure to store it in an environment with a humidity of less than 70%, and tie a plastic bag tightly and store it in a cool place away from light.
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