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Heat transfer paper or heat transfer vinyl,which is better?

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The difference between heat transfer paper and heat transfer vinyl

Thermal transfer is divided into two types: vinyl transfer and sublimation transfer. Vinyl transfer mainly covers offset heat transfer,heat transfer vinyl, decorative vinyl, DTF film, etc. The other sublimation transfer includes thermal transfer paper, Sublimation paper, etc. As the two mainstream T-shirt customized transfer consumables on the market, many people still have doubts about the choice of the two digital products.

In this article, Vision,as a professional thermal transfer paper manufacturer and heat transfer vinyl factory, will give you a detailed introduction to their differences from 5 aspects.

Before telling the difference, we first introduce the similarities between thermal transfer paper and heat transfer vinyl for shirts. Obviously, both of them can apply on the customization of pure cotton T-shirts, which is very suitable for personal or small batch T-shirts customization.Of course,it is also very suitable for large enterprises.

Then, we begin to introduce the different points:

1. The difference in material and working principle

Thermal transfer is a special type of printing paper. After we finish it with a printer, we can use a heat transfer machine to heat the printed paper or coating on the surface of the fabric.

Thermal heat transfer vinyl is a special HTV vinyl that needs to be engraved/cut during the thermal transfer process. Under the combined action of heat and pressure, together with the release layer, it separates from the carrier vinyl and is firmly transferred to the surface of the substrate.

2. Different operation methods

The first step of thermal transfer paper is to print, and print the designed pictures on thermal transfer paper with an inkjet printer or laser printer, and then transfer the pattern on the T shirt. The most important pattern formation method is to need print, because the heat transfer paper does not have any color, it is a pure white material.

The first step of the heat transfer vinyl is to cut. The designed pattern will be provided for engraving with a cutting machine, and then the heat transfer vinyl will be ironed onto the clothes to be transferred. The most important thing here is engraving and splicing, because the heat transfer vinyl has colors, and most of the heat transfer vinyls are monochrome, so we can choose multi-color splicing according to the color we need.

3. The application is different

Thermal transfer paper is mainly used for pure cotton T shirt (with a cotton content of more than 65%), both dark color and light color can be transferred.Usually, there are two types of thermal transfer paper to choose, dark t-shirt transfer paper and light t-shirt transfer paper. Since the pattern we want to achieve can be completed in the form of printing, it is more suitable for relatively multi-color and complex patterns.

The heat transfer vinyl is mainly applicable to a wider range, and can be applied to polyester, pure cotton and other blended fabrics that are convenient for heating and transferring. However, due to the limitation of the color of HTV vinyl, most of the HTV vinyls are used for monochromatic signs, LOGO, etc.

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heat transfer vinyl

4. Fading and durability

The final clothing customization process of them all need the process of heat and transfer.So whether the product will fall off due to long-term use or clean many times depends on the quality of the product. Usually, the thermal transfer paper and heat transfer vinyl produced by Vision can be washed 30-35 times under normal maintenance. However, because the thermal transfer paper is usually applied to large-format pattern transfer, the heat transfer vinyl is used for a small range of LOGO, etc., the thermal transfer paper is more prone to cracking, and the thermal transfer paper is printed with ink.It will fade: The heat transfer vinyl will not fade and will be relatively more durable.

5. The cost

As a professional heat transfer vinyl and thermal transfer paper factory, we are not only concerned about the use of the both products, obviously they are both very popular T shirt custom consumables, and we will also pay more attention to the production cost of the product. In terms of the cost of the basic product, the cost of thermal transfer paper is higher than that of the heat transfer vinyl. Because they are two different categories,they can’t make absolute comparisons.

For the Tshirt custom market, both the heat transfer vinyl and the thermal transfer paper are very important.The two products can have a very good complementary relationship. As a manufacturer and wholesaler of thermal transfer consumables, Vision has been providing Tshirt with different solutions and producing and developing corresponding transfer consumables. Our products are sold all over the world and are loved by every customer.

If you are looking for heat transfer vinyl wholesale, heat transfer paper or other digital printing consumables, please feel free to contact us at any time. We can provide you with product samples and better offer, good service, very fast delivery speed.

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