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Heat Transfer Vinyl vs Sublimation paper,How much do you know?

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The difference between sublimation paper and heat transfer vinyl

It is well known that the adhesive film heat transfer is to use heat transfer vinyl , decorative vinyl, and heat transfer for transfer, while the sublimation transfer is to use the sublimation transfer paper to transfer it. Today,VISION will talk about the difference between sublimation transfer paper and heat transfer vinyl.

1. Different operating equipment

Heat transfer vinyl(except color inkjet film):Heat transfer vinyl is cut by an engraving machine/laser machine/marking machine, etc., and then transferred by a heat transfer machine after weeding.

Sublimation paper:Image is printed on sublimation paper by digital printer, and then transferred by a heat transfer machine.

2.The transfer process is different

Heat transfer vinyl: the image is engraved with a cutting plotter.You need remove the excess part, then transfer the pattern to the textile.Finally, tear off the PET release vinyl,but except the printable heat transfer vinyl.

the process of HTV vinyl

the process of HTV vinyl

Sublimation transfer paper: Print the pattern with a printer, cut the pattern, and then transfer with it.

the process of sublimation paper

the process of sublimation paper

3. The transfer temperature is different

Heat transfer vinyl: the transfer temperature is generally 150-160℃.But the different heat transfer vinyls have different transfer temperatures of VISION.

Sublimation transfer paper: The transfer temperature is about 170-210℃. There are differences according to the temperature of different transfer materials.

4.Different Properties

The heat transfer vinyl has the characteristics of soft hand feeling, stretchability, high cover, no deformation after high temperature transferring.It is easy to engrave, cut and weed.

Sublimation transfer paper has good elasticity, stretch resistance, good washing effect, and strong applicability. The fine lines will not be deformed after high temperature transfer, and the color will be fine.

5. Different bonding methods

Heat transfer vinyl: Use hot melt glue and cloth to bond.

Sublimation transfer paper: The ink directly penetrates and sublimates into the texture.

6. Different colors

Heat transfer vinyl (except color inkjet film): It is mainly single color, the color of the material can be increased by means of color registration. The surface sometimes has a metallic texture and a glitter appearance due to different processes. In addition to the conventional heat transfer vinyl, Vision heat transfer vinyl factory also produces: glitter heat transfer vinyl, flocking heat transfer vinyl,reflective heat transfer vinyl, luminous heat transfer vinyl, metallic heat transfer viny, rainbow glitter heat transfer vinyl and so on. If you want to know more about our heat transfer vinyl(HTV), please visit the VISION heat transfer vinyl product page.

Sublimation transfer paper: It is mainly white, various patterns are printed on the paper by using special ink. the pattern usually depends on choice from the customer.

7. Different specifications

The normal specification of heat transfer vinyl : 50CM*25M/roll, the specifications can be customized, and can be divided into slices, rolls, etc.

The specifications of heat transfer paper are divided into sheets and rolls: the sizes of sheets are generally a3 sublimation paper and a4 sublimation paper, and the rolls are also divided into different weights. The specifications are different, and the sublimation paper roll is suitable for large area textile. For more details, please refer to VISION sublimation paper products page.

heat transfer vinyl

heat transfer vinyl

8. The application is different

Heat transfer vinyl is suitable for any color of dark and light fabrics, such as monochrome and color signs.

Sublimation transfer paper is suitable for light-colored pure polyester, polyester-cotton and blended fabrics.

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