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Heat Transfer Vinyl: PU and PVC

PU HTV vinyl

There are many different heat transfer vinyls on the market, with different materials, different applications, different effects, etc. Today we will specifically talk about the two most commonly used heat transfer vinyl materials on the market: What are the differences and the common points between PU heat transfer vinyl and PVC heat transfer vinyl.

First of all, we introduce the common points of the two heat transfer vinyls.

3 common aspects

Same application

The heat transfer vinyl(HTV) is mainly used for heat transferring of logos, patterns, letters and numbers in clothing, advertising, printing, shoe bags and other industries. As far as the clothing industry is concerned, it can be divided into ball wear, swimwear, cycling wear, outdoor wear, etc. As far as the fabric is concerned, it can be divided into cotton, polyester, lycra, leather, etc. Compared to other heat transfer products, heat transfer vinyl has a wide range of applications.

Cutting process

Whether it is PVC or PU heat transfer vinyl, it can meet the printing of mainstream carving machine brands on the market, and it is very convenient to operate.


Operation process

The essentially different between PU heat transfer vinyl and PVC heat transfer vinyl is in the material.The operation process of the two heat transfer vinyls is basically the same, first, they need cut, then weed, and finally transfer.

Next, I will talk about the differences between PU and PVC heat transfer vinyl from several aspects

7 Difference aspects

(1) Different materials

PU heat transfer vinyl is made of 100% polyurethane (TPU) elastic material.

PVC heat transfer vinyl is made of environmentally friendly polychloride (PVC) and polyurethane (TPU) materials.

(2) The coating process is different

PU heat transfer vinyl is produced through a coating process; PVC heat transfer vinyl is produced through a composite process.

(3) Different thickness

Compared with PVC, the PU heat transfer vinyl is thinner. The thickness of the Vision PU heat transfer vinyl is about 0.1mm, and the thickness of the PVC heat transfer vinyl is about 0.13mm.

(4) The types of products that can be completed are different

Since the process of PU heat transfer vinyl is coating, it can achieve more effects on the surface. In addition to conventional heat transfer vinyl, Vision heat transfer vinyl factory also produces: glitter heat transfer vinyl, flocking heat transfer vinyl, reflective heat transfer vinyl, luminous heat transfer vinyl , metallic  heat transfer vinyl, temperature color changing vinyl, light sensitive changing vinyl, 3D heat transfer vinyl, printable heat transfer vinyl, etc. However, PVC is limited by materials.At present, most of them are conventional PU heat transfer vinyl and PVC printable heat transfer vinyl.

(5) The product feels different

The PU heat transfer vinyl has a soft feel, stretchable, high coverage, and will not be deformed by high temperature transferring; the PVC heat transfer vinyl has a fuller feel, stretch resistance, high coverage, and a matte surface. Due to the differences in thickness and material, the feel of PU heat transfer vinyl is softer than that of PVC, and it has better elasticity.

(6) Different storage conditions

In the daily storage environment, both of them need to be protected from light, high temperature, and moisture, and to prevent bumps during transportation. However, due to the poor stability of PVC material relative to PU heat transfer vinyl material, the storage requirements of PVC HVT vinyl in some extreme environments will be higher than that of PU HTV vinyl. For example, under minus 20 degrees, PU material can still maintain stability. There is no change to transfer, and PVC is not recommended to be stored in this environment.

(7) The cost is different

PU heat transfer vinyl is better than PVC heat transfer vinyl from all aspects, why there is still a large number of PVC heat transfer vinyl on the market.The most important point is cost. Compared with PU heat transfer vinyl, the price of PVC heat transfer vinyl will be much lower. Therefore, according to the needs of different products, from cost considerations, PVC heat transfer vinyl also has its own value.

PVC vinyl

PVC vinyl

Vision, as a professional Chinese factory for heat transfer vinyl production, has been committed to the production and research and development of more heat transfer vinyl products that meet market needs. We can not only complete the production requirements of customers OEM/ODM brand labeling, but also custom products according to the actual production requirements of customers. Whether PU heat transfer vinyl or PVC heat transfer vinyl, Vision heat transfer vinyl manufacturer can provide you with the best quality and best price. If you are interested in our heat transfer vinyl or other T shirt heat transfer products, please feel free to contact us.You can also view our website or social platforms.
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