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The Types of VISION Heat Transfer Vinyl

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With the increasing demand for heat transfer vinyl, more and more heat transfer vinyl factories and heat transfer vinyl brands have also appeared. The main production of heat transfer vinyl is concentrated in China, South Korea, Italy, France and so on. VISION, as one of the earliest Chinese heat transfer vinyl manufacturers, has its own heat transfer vinyl coating lines, Casting machine, Laminating machine, Cutting machine, and packing machine. The Vision heat transfer vinyl factory has 5 high-speed coating machines. Moreover, the heat transfer vinyl from VISION is good quality and low price. In addition,The reason why VISION heat transfer vinyl factory has been in an advantage in market competition for its strong new products development capabilities.The brand of Vision heat transfer vinyl has more than ten different types and hundreds of different colors to meet the needs of different customer groups.

In this article,we will tell you about the types of VISION heat transfer vinyl.

1.From the material

VISION heat transfer vinyl can be divided into PU heat transfer vinyl and PVC heat transfer vinyl. The difference between the two heat transfer vinyls lies in the materials they used, the transfer effect and cost of the product. The PU heat transfer vinyl is softer, the surface is smooth, the elasticity is high, and the air permeability is better than that of the PVC heat transfer vinyl.The PVC heat transfer vinyl has some fine lines on the surface. It is not as flexible as the PU heat transfer vinyl. It will break if you cut a small strip and straighten it.Also, the material is not as breathable as the PU heat transfer vinyl! PU heat transfer vinyl has high elasticity and the price is higher, PVC heat transfer vinyl is not very flexible but the price is lower.

2.From the surface process

 It can be divided into conventional ordinary color heat transfer vinyl, fluorescent heat transfer vinyl, reflective heat transfer vinyl, glitter heat transfer vinyl, luminous heat transfer vinyl, hologram heat transfer vinyl, metal heat transfer vinyl, 3D heat transfer vinyl, soft metallic heat transfer vinyl, etc.We also provide many other types heat transfer vinyls,if you are interested in our more products,please view our product catalog page.

luminous heat transfer vinyl

luminous heat transfer vinyl

Different treatments on the surface of heat transfer vinyl can bring different transfer effects to meet different designs. For example,the surface of glitter heat transfer vinyl is very shiny after the design printed, which is a popular material in children; The surface of flocking heat transfer vinyl has a matte suede effect, which is very comfortable to touch, just like the suede fabric; The luminous heat transfer vinyl can glow at night, it not only brings safety to night travel, but also is very popular effect for some young people; The surface of hologram heat transfer vinyl and metal heat transfer vinyl is very bright, which shows different brilliance effects at different angles, it is dazzling; In recent years,the reflective effect presented by reflective heat transfer vinyl is also the most popular effect of trend designers. The high-end mysterious reflective effect adds more fashion to the clothing; 3D heat transfer vinyl presents the 3D effect of the clothing after transferred, it is very suitable for some cute graphics.

3.From a printable point of view

It is divided into conventional heat transfer vinyl and printable heat transfer vinyl. Most of the graphic splicing of the heat transfer vinyl is based on the color required by the design, or can be used on some simple LOGO.But when you apply on very detailed and complex pictures, you can choose a printable heat transfer vinyl.You print your picture directly onto the heat transfer vinyl, and then transfer.

4.The Pattern from the surface

Heat transfer vinyl is divided into a pure color vinyl and a patterned vinyl; the pure color vinyl is the most used in the market, and there are many colors to choose.But in order to add more choice and increase the production speed, we also choose some popular graphics to print directly on the heat transfer vinyl according to the market. You only need to cut the ready-made graphics to cut the design you want, which is very convenient.

pu Camouflage pattern heat transfer vinyl

pu Camouflage pattern heat transfer vinyl

As a factory specializing in the production of heat transfer vinyl, Vision has been working hard to improve the quality of products. At present,regardless of whether the products are soft, thick, washable, and environmentally friendly,the heat transfer vinyls we produced are not only outstanding in domestic factories, but also comparable to those in Korea,Italy,France and other countries.

If you want to know more about the heat transfer vinyl manufacturers, please feel free to contact us, we not only have a professional production team, but also have an excellent sales team.

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