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Which fabric is suitable for sublimation transfer paper?

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Which fabric is suitable for sublimation transfer paper?

Thermal transfer is a general term for technology. Sublimation is a branch of Thermal transfer .
In fact,The most application of thermal transfer is to make costumes. Because of the use of thermal transfer paper. It is known as thermal transfer by more people.
As for sublimation. In practice, it is more to do some products other than clothing, such as cups and puzzles, slate painting and so on. Because these kind products are more transferred with sublimation paper. That is, more people call the transfer process as sublimation printing.
Dye sublimation is actually a printing method, using some of the disperse dyes with a molecular weight of less than 300. These dyes are easy to sublimate due to their small molecular weight. The sublimation temperature is 180-200 degrees Celsius. Between this temperature, polyester is close to its softening point. For large molecular gap, it is easy for the gaseous dye molecules to enter into the molecular gaps and become part of the fiber. This is the theory of sublimation printing.
In summary, sublimation printing, also known as disperse dye transfer printing, is most suitable for polyester fabrics. The restriction on the composition of the fabric is actually determined by the dyes used in printing. Sublimation paper is suitable for transfer printing ,that is low-temperature disperse dyes. It is difficult to color normal natural fibers such as cotton, so sublimation printing is generally only used for polyester fabrics, nylon fabrics and polyester blended fabrics when the requirements are relatively low.
Next, we will introduce you the related products of VISION sublimation transfer paper:

1.Classification of VISION sublimation transfer paper

Dye sublimation transfer paper is classified according to gram weight:

VISION can provide customers with sublimation transfer papers: 45gsm, 60gsm, 70gsm, 80gsm, 90gsm, 100gsm, and 120gsm. In the sublimation printing products,the best seller of VISION is 100gsm sublimation paper.

VISION sublimation transfer paper is divided into two types by specification:

The common sublimation paper roll specifications we provide: 0.21m; 0.305m; 0.432m; 0.48m; 0.61m; 0.914m; 1.118m; 1.3m; 1.5m; 1.52m;1.6m;1.62m;1.9m;2.4m; 3.2m and Other customized widths; the conventional length of sublimation paper roll is 100m, 200m, 500m. We are a manufacturer specializing in the production of various digital heat transfer products, including sublimation transfer paper. And other meters can be customized according to customer needs. If necessary, please feel free to consult or browse the website for relevant product information.
Different occasions have different specifications for the sublimation transfer paper, so what should we pay attention to when choosing the specifications of the sublimation transfer paper?
(1) Before choosing: Determine the specifications before choosing the digital sublimation transfer paper, pay attention to the size of the paper, and choose an appropriate quantitative. Under the premise of satisfying usage, it is best to choose paper with smaller specifications to reduce costs.
(2)During choosing: After determining the size of the paper, you should pay attention to its quality. The quality of sublimation transfer paper produced by different manufacturers is also different, so you must pay attention to the quality of the paper.

sublimation paper sheet1

sublimation paper sheet1

The common sublimation sheets we provide:
VISION provides customers with two common specifications of sublimation transfer paper, a4 sublimation paper and a3 sublimation paper. These two sublimation transfer papers can be divided into fast dry sublimation paper and instant dry sublimation paper according to the drying time. The main difference between them is the drying time. The drying time of fast dry sublimation paper generally takes 3 to 5 minutes; while the instant dry sublimation paper generally only takes 50 to 60 seconds. For more information about these two products, please refer to the product details page of our website.
Because of the fast drying speed, it is undoubtedly convenient for users to use, which can facilitate continuous printing and improve the delivery speed. So this is also an important indicator that many customers want to refer to when buying dye sublimation paper.
(Here, you must know that Drying speed does not refer to the time to completely dry.)

2.What materials does VISION sublimation transfer paper apply?

VISION sublimation transfer paper can be widely used for non-pure cotton light-colored fabrics, light-colored chemical fiber fabrics, coated cups, plates, hats, metal, glass, slate painting, wood, keychains, makeup mirrors, puzzles and other items. (It should be noted that except for the fabric products, the transferable coating needs to be sprayed on the surface of the transfer material)
In addition to the production of sublimation transfer paper, VISION also provides other digital thermal transfer products to customers around the world, such as thermal transfer paper, heat transfer vinyl, and a series of DTF printing products. If necessary,Welcome to contact us!