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Our 4 Best Sublimation Paper Types – Which One is best for You

4 Best Sublimation Paper Types

VISION has been in the sublimation business for over 15 years now. Dye sublimation paper is best at bringing designs on mugs, t-shirts, fabrics, glasses,tumblers,metals and other sublimation blanks to life. One crucial component in achieving high-quality sublimation prints is the type of sublimation paper used.
In this article, we will explore the four best sublimation paper types: sublimation paper sheet, sublimation paper roll, jumbo roll sublimation paper, and sticky sublimation paper. We will discuss the features, benefits, and ideal use cases for each type, helping you determine the best sublimation paper for your transfer needs.

What sublimation paper to use for best results?

To achieve the best results in sublimation printing, it is important to select the right sublimation paper based on your specific needs and requirements. Here are some general guidelines to help you choose the best sublimation paper for optimal results:

Consider the type of substrate
Different sublimation papers are designed for specific surfaces. For fabrics, a standard sublimation paper will work well. However, if you are printing on ceramics, metals, or other hard surfaces, consider using a sublimation paper specifically designed for those materials, such as a ceramic sublimation paper or a metal sublimation paper. These specialized papers are formulated to provide better adhesion and color vibrancy on those surfaces.

Determine the size of your printing project
If you are working on small-scale or occasional projects, sublimation paper sheets or smaller rolls may be sufficient. However, for larger or continuous production, consider using larger rolls or jumbo rolls of sublimation paper. This will help minimize the need for frequent paper changes and improve efficiency.

Check for coating quality
High-quality sublimation papers have a good coating that allows for better ink absorption and color transfer. Look for papers with a smooth and even coating to ensure optimal color reproduction and sharpness in your prints.

Consider the weight of the paper
Sublimation papers are available in different weights, typically measured in grams per square meter (GSM). Heavier papers generally offer better ink saturation and reduce the risk of ink bleeding or smudging. However, lighter papers can be suitable for certain applications, such as fabrics or thin materials.

Evaluate the drying time
Some sublimation papers have a faster drying time, allowing for quicker production. If you have time-sensitive projects or need faster turnaround, consider selecting a sublimation paper with a shorter drying time.

Sublimation Paper:Fast Dry and Instant Dry

Test and experiment
Every printing setup is unique, so it’s always a good idea to test different sublimation papers and evaluate the results. Conducting sample prints and comparing the color vibrancy, sharpness, and overall quality across different papers will help you determine the best sublimation paper that works well with your specific printer, ink, and substrate combination.

By considering these factors and experimenting with various sublimation papers, you can find the one that provides the best results for your specific printing needs.

Quick list of VISION 4 best sublimation papers

1. Sublimation Paper Sheet

Sublimation paper sheets are pre-cut, individual sheets of sublimation paper. They are convenient to use and eliminate the need for measuring and cutting larger rolls. Here are some key features and benefits of sublimation paper sheets:
Ease of Use: Sublimation paper sheets are ready to use, saving you time and effort in cutting and preparing the paper.
Versatility: They are suitable for small-scale projects and can be used with heat presses, mug presses, or flat presses.
Cost-Effective: Sublimation paper sheets are an economical option for occasional or small-scale printing needs.

Sublimation Paper Sheet

Sublimation Paper Sheet

Ideal Use Cases:
Personalized gift items like t-shirts, mugs, keychains, or small fabric patches;
DIY projects or crafts with limited print quantities.
Size: A4/A3 available

2. Sublimation Paper Roll

Sublimation paper rolls are continuous rolls of sublimation paper that can be cut to the desired length for different printing purposes. Here are the features and benefits of using sublimation paper rolls:
Customizable Length: Sublimation paper rolls allow you to cut the paper to the exact length needed for your printing project.
Efficiency: With a roll, you can print multiple designs or larger quantities without needing to change paper frequently.
Flexibility: They can be used with various heat press sizes and types, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Sublimation Paper Roll

Sublimation Paper Roll

Ideal Use Cases:
Large-scale production of garments, banners, or signage;
Printing designs that require longer lengths or custom sizes.

What size is a roll of sublimation paper?

Grammage(g/m²) Thickness(?m) Width Length
120 130 2.05/2.2/2.4/2.6/2.8/3.05/3.2m 100 m
100 130 0.42/0.61/0.914/1.118/1.3/1.4/1.5/1.52/1.6/1.62/1.8/1.83/2.6/3.2m 100 m
90 130 0.914/1.118/1.5/1.52/1.6/1.62m 100 m
80 130 0.61/0.914/1.118/1.3/1.4/1.5/1.52/1.6/1.62/1.7/1.83/2.6/3.2m 100 m
70 130 1.118/1.3/1.4/1.5/1.52/1.6/1.62/1.7/1.83/1.88m 200 m
60 130 1.118/1.5/1.52/1.6/1.62m 150/200m
45 130 1.5/1.52/1.6/1.62m 200/500m

3. Jumbo Roll Sublimation Paper

Jumbo roll sublimation paper is similar to sublimation paper rolls but comes in larger sizes and quantities. Here are the features and benefits of jumbo roll sublimation paper:
High Volume Printing: Jumbo roll sublimation paper is designed for high-volume production, allowing for continuous printing without frequent paper changes.
Cost Savings: Since jumbo rolls offer larger quantities, they are more cost-effective for businesses with significant printing needs.
Customizable Length: Like sublimation paper rolls, jumbo rolls can be easily cut to the desired length for different printing projects.

Jumbo Roll Sublimation Paper

Jumbo Roll Sublimation Paper

Ideal Use Cases:
Commercial printing businesses with large-scale production requirements;
Continuous printing of banners, flags, or large fabric pieces.
Hot Selling Grammages: 38g, 45g, 60g

4. Sticky Sublimation Paper

Sticky sublimation paper, also known as self-adhesive sublimation paper, has a sticky backing that adheres to the substrate during the heat transfer process. Here are the features and benefits of sticky sublimation paper:
Eliminates Ghosting: The sticky backing prevents the paper from shifting during the transfer, reducing the risk of ghosting or misalignment.
Suitable for Textured Surfaces: Sticky sublimation paper is ideal for transferring designs onto textured surfaces like ceramics, tiles, or phone cases.
Easy Positioning: The adhesive backing allows for easy positioning of the design on the substrate, ensuring accurate transfers.

Sticky Sublimation Paper

Sticky Sublimation Paper

Ideal Use Cases:
Sublimating designs onto textured materials or uneven surfaces;
Transferring designs onto items with complex shapes or curves.
Choosing the right sublimation paper is crucial for achieving high-quality and durable sublimation prints. Whether you opt for the convenience of sublimation paper sheets, the flexibility of sublimation paper rolls, the high-volume capabilities of jumbo rolls, or the adhesive properties of sticky sublimation paper, each type has its unique features and benefits. Consider your specific printing needs, project scale, and substrate requirements to determine the best sublimation paper type for your transfer. Experimenting with different types can also help you find the perfect match for your sublimation printing endeavors.

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