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The difference between fast dry and sticky sublimation paper

sublimation paper

If you are considering starting a dye sublimation printing business or wondering what is fast dry and sticky(tacky) dry , here is some information to help you understand.

The sublimation have been the most popular word in fabric industry lately . Because Sublimation printing is a flexible digital printing technology. You can express individual design and way on fabric through sublimation printing. Now, many gram appear in the paper market, 60gsm, 70gsm, 80gsm, 100gsm, also the 120gsm sublimation paper. As a sublimation paper manufacturer, many customers will consult, which type is better for them, today, I will answer you. 

Fast dry sublimation paper is often what you needed especially if you are printing on roll using waterbased ink. They have extra layer that prevent all these smudging from occurring.

Fast dry sublimation paper

Fast dry sublimation paper

Sticky sublimation paper is one of those papers reduce chance of ghosting which can occured depend on how you are applying press. It is typically used when you are using flat presses where there are likely chance of material moving .

Tacky or sticky paper have slightly lower transfer yield as a tradeoff, so if you can successfully press without ghosting, fast dry paper is just fine in many instance.

But often sticky paper is recommended for people just starting out sublimation process using flatbed press.

Fast Drying Sublimation Paper: This sublimation paper dries quickly after printing. It can greatly reduce the dry heat power, reduce the cost, and the printing color is clear. 85gsm and 100gsm are popular for this type, especially for Epson, Mimaki, Roland and Mutoh.

Tacky Sublimation Paper: Adhesive sublimation transfer paper, as you might surmise from its name, is adhesive on one side. This is the side that is printed with sublimation ink, so when you are ready to print your fabric or other product, you can stick the paper over the product and reposition it as needed.

Sticky sublimation paper

Sticky sublimation paper

This sublimation paper is specially designed for shrink fabric. The paper will stick to the fabric, greatly improving the quality. It is better used in sportswear, swimwear and cycling wear.

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