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What vinyl do you use to sublimate on cotton?

What vinyl do you use to sublimate on cotton

Wondering how to achieve vibrant sublimation prints on cotton fabrics? While traditional sublimation is typically used on polyester, advancements in technology have introduced what sublimate on cotton is. In this article, we’ll explore what sublimation vinyl specifically designed for cotton is, how it works on cotton.

Understanding Sublimation Vinyl for Cotton

What is Sublimation Vinyl?

Sublimation vinyl is specially formulated vinyl that accepts sublimation ink. This ink can then be heat-transferred onto various materials, including cotton, to create colorful and detailed designs.

Challenges with Sublimate on Cotton

Cotton lacks the polyester content necessary for traditional sublimation inks to bond effectively. This results in poor color retention and durability, making sublimate on cotton less effective without the right materials.

Solution: Vision’s Sublimation Vinyl for Cotton

Features of Vision’s Sublimation Vinyl

Vision’s Sublimation Vinyl is designed to overcome the limitations of traditional sublimation on cotton. It features:
Sublimation Compatibility: Accepts sublimation ink for vibrant and permanent transfers.
Durability: Ensures designs withstand washing and wear, maintaining their quality over time.
Ease of Use: Designed for easy cutting, weeding, and application onto cotton fabrics.

Benefits of Using Vision’s Sublimation Vinyl on Cotton

Vibrant Colors: Achieve rich, full-color prints on cotton that rival traditional sublimation on polyester.
Versatility: Expand your product offerings to include cotton garments without compromising on print quality.
Durability: Designs remain sharp and vibrant through multiple washes, suitable for long-lasting apparel and promotional items.

How to Use Vision’s Sublimation Vinyl on Cotton

Preparation and Design Process
Design Preparation: Create or choose a design suitable for sublimation printing. Ensure colors and dimensions are optimized for the vinyl’s capabilities.
Cutting and Weeding: Use a vinyl cutter to cut your design from Vision’s Sublimation Vinyl. Weed out excess vinyl material, leaving only your desired design intact.

Application Steps
Step 1:
Obtain a pattern, import the pattern into the operating software of the cutting plotter, and print the designed pattern with sublimation ink through the software of the cutting plotter.
Print Mode: Mirror Print, High Quality Glossy Paper, Standard Print Quality.
Note: Record the size settings of the printed pattern.
Step 2:
Re-upload the pattern to the software of the cutting plotter (Note: The size of the pattern needs to be the same as the printed pattern), then click the offset and set the distance of the outline to 0.1mm and cut out the pattern (if the pattern is complex and small, the offset can be appropriately increased; if it is simple and the offset can be appropriately reduced).
Take out the sublimation vinyl, cut out the outline edge of the pattern by the cutting plotter, and then weed the extra parts. (Note: Cutting Mode:Mirror).
Step 3:
Transfer the pattern.
Set heat press parameters: Temperature: 185?, Pressure: medium.
Put the sublimation HTV vinyl face up on the fabric, iron at 185? for 5 seconds, and remove the base film of the sublimation vinyl (Cold Peel).
Put the printed sublimation paper on the sublimation vinyl,Align and fix the pattern.Iron with a heat press machine at 185°C for 40 seconds, peel off the sublimation paper(cold peel).
Step 4:
Transfer completed.
How to use sublimation HTV vinyl on cotton fabric?

Vision’s Sublimation Vinyl opens up new possibilities for decorators looking to achieve high-quality sublimation prints on cotton fabrics. With its durability, ease of use, and vibrant color results, it stands out as an ideal choice for creating personalized apparel, gifts, and promotional items. Explore the potential of Vision’s Sublimation Vinyl and transform your cotton creations today!