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A Guide to Sublimation Vinyl on Dark Cotton Fabric

Sublimating on Dark Cotton Fabric

Sublimation on dark cotton fabrics is an innovative technology by VISION factory that allows for vibrant and durable designs on dark-colored pure cotton shirts and other fabric items. With the use of sublimation vinyl specifically designed for dark fabrics, you can create personalized and unique designs with ease. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of sublimating on dark cotton fabric using sublimation vinyl.

How to sublimate on dark cotton fabric?

Step 1: Gather the Materials

To begin the sublimation process on dark cotton fabric, you will need the following materials:
Sublimation ink
Cutting plotter
Tool set
Heat press machine
Dark-colored fabric

Step 2: Design and Printing

Design and Printing

Design and Printing

Obtain a pattern or design that you want to transfer onto the fabric.
Import the pattern into the operating software of the cutting plotter.
Print the designed pattern with sublimation ink using the cutting plotter software.
Set the print mode to Mirror Print.
Use High Quality Glossy Paper or Standard Print Quality.
Note down the size settings of the printed pattern.

Step 3: Cutting and Weeding

Cutting and Weeding

Cutting and Weeding

Re-upload the pattern to the software of the cutting plotter.
Ensure that the size of the pattern matches the printed pattern.
Click on the offset option and set the distance of the outline to 0.1mm.
Cut out the pattern using the cutting plotter.
If the pattern is complex and small, adjust the offset accordingly.
Cutting mode: Mirror.
Take out the sublimation vinyl and cut out the outline edge of the pattern.
Weed the extra parts of the vinyl carefully.
Remove the unwanted vinyl using a weeding tool or tweezers.

Step 4: Transfer the Design

Transfer the Design

Transfer the Design

Set the heat press parameters to the following:
Temperature: 185℃
Pressure: Medium
Place the sublimation vinyl face up on the fabric.
Heat press the vinyl at 185℃ for 5 seconds.
Remove the base film of the sublimation vinyl (Cold Peel).
Put the printed sublimation paper on the sublimation vinyl.
Align and fix the pattern on the fabric.
Heat press the fabric with the pattern at 185°C for 45 seconds.
Peel off the sublimation paper (Cold Peel).
Transfer completed!
Note: If the pattern alignment is challenging during transfer, you can use a positioning film on the back of the sublimation paper. Cut the pattern on the sublimation paper using a cutting plotter and weed the extra parts to align the pattern accurately.

Advantages of sublimation vinyl For Dark-colored Cotton Fabrics

Sublimation on dark cotton fabrics using sublimation vinyl offers several benefits and opens up a world of creative possibilities.

Enhanced Sublimation Effect: Sublimation vinyl for dark fabrics is designed to overcome the limitations of sublimation paper when it comes to transferring designs onto dark-colored pure cotton shirts. It ensures that vibrant colors are restored regardless of the cotton fabric’s color, resulting in a high-quality and eye-catching sublimation effect.

Protective Film: The sublimation vinyl comes equipped with a protective film that covers the heat-pressed film. This protective film provides strong adhesion to the fabric during the heat transfer process. It also makes it easier to weed and cut the vinyl, ensuring precise and clean designs.

Long-Lasting and Washable: The transferred colors on sublimated dark cotton fabrics remain vivid and bright even after multiple washes. The sublimation vinyl is highly durable and resistant to fading or color change, ensuring that the designs maintain their quality and appearance over time.

high-quality and eye-catching effect

high-quality and eye-catching effect

Versatile Applications: Sublimation vinyl for dark-colored cotton fabrics can be used on various items, including T-shirts, backpacks, hats, pillows, and more. Its versatility allows you to personalize and create unique designs on a wide range of fabric-based products.

Easy Application Process: Sublimation heat transfer vinyl simplifies the process of applying intricate and multi-colored graphics onto dark cotton fabrics. With the step-by-step instructions provided in the previous content, you can easily navigate the entire sublimation process, from designing and printing to cutting, weeding, and heat pressing.

Soft and Flexible: The sublimation vinyl has a soft hand and is very flexible, ensuring that the fabric retains its comfort and flexibility even after applying the design. This makes it ideal for creating personalized garments and accessories that are comfortable to wear.

Environmentally Friendly: The sublimation vinyl is produced by VISION, a Chinese manufacturer committed to producing environmentally friendly heat transfer vinyl. Our products are designed to be safe for users and meet high-quality standards while minimizing environmental impact.

Final summary

By utilizing sublimation vinyl for dark-colored cotton fabrics, you can explore your creativity and bring vibrant, durable, and personalized designs to life on a wide range of dark cotton fabric items. Sublimating on dark cotton fabric using sublimation vinyl opens up endless possibilities for creating vibrant and long-lasting designs on various items like T-shirts, backpacks, hats, and more.  Embrace this new technology and unleash your creativity on dark cotton fabrics!

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