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6 Tips: Using VISION Sublimation vinyl on light cotton

sublimated vinyl

As we all know, Shanghai Vision sublimation paper factory lauched new product of Sublimation Heat Transfer Vinyl on light cotton fabrics (Dark cotton type is still under testing), and today we will share some notices which you may made msitake when you use it, below coming the notices: 
1. Sublimation transfer paper printing choose mirror printing, and matte paper standard quality setting.
2. When you cut the sublimation transfer paper, you need use the transfer film and cutting mat. First paste the paper with the transfer film, face up, transfer film paste the sublimation papers’ backing side; Then paste the film onto catting mat and start cutting the design with Cricut cutting machine.
3. When you cut the sublimation htv vinyl, you need use cutting mat too. Paste the glossy surface onto the mat; And before you cut the sublimation htv vinyl, it’s better to set the sublimation vinyl design bigger than sublimation transfer papers’ design, about 0.7MM.
4. Position well sublimation paper designs with sublimation htv before transfer papers design to heat transfer vinyl.
5. Before you cut the sublimation transfer paper and the sublimation htv vinyl, please adjust the cutter’s pressure, cutting speed and the depth of the blade. 
6. We advise you use for light colored fabric. Because if for dark colored fabric, the results may not as good as you want.

cotton sublimation

cotton sublimation

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