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What kind of paper do you use for sublimation?

Sublimation Paper On Umbrellas

What is sublimation?

We know that when a solid is heated to a certain temperature, it will liquefy into a liquid, and when heated to a certain temperature, it will gasify into a gas. Sublimation means that a solid is heated to a certain temperature and directly gasified into a gas. Therefore, sublimation is to directly penetrate the pattern on the sublimation transfer paper into the material to be printed.

The advantage of sublimation paper

For fabrics, polyester-containing materials are the best. For sublimation transfer, any material with heat resistance over 210 degrees Celsius can be sublimated, but it needs to be covered with a layer of coating, such as DIY mugs, photo frames, plates, etc. class method. Compared with traditional heat transfer paper, sublimation transfer printing has the advantages of high transfer rate and not easy to fade.

The wide application of sublimation paper

Therefore, the printing of sublimation paper has a wide range of applications, including clothing and textile industry, home textile and textile industry, advertising industry, and handicraft industry. Specific creative DIY, umbrellas, bags, shoes and hats, toys, ribbons, sports equipment, small gifts and so on.

Sublimation Paper On Hats

Sublimation Paper On Hats

What kind of sublimation paper do we offer?

According to the needs of different customers, VISION provides sublimation paper sheets(A3&A4) and sublimation paper rolls, they have different wights, and the products details, you can view in our website, or concat us for your questions at any time.

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Sublimation paper factory

There are many solutions for T-shirt graphic printing, and dye sublimation is just one of them.VISION, as a China sublimation paper factory, has always been committed to the development of new products for T-shirt printing.Our thermal transfer technology has always been at the forefront of the market.If you are interested in not only sublimation printing paper,heat transfer paper,heat transfer vinyl,but other related products also provided by our factory.