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Rainbow Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl by VISION factory

Rainbow Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl for T-shirt

Why choose rainbow glitter heat transfer vinyl by VISION FACTORY

VISION Rainbow Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl has a variety of varieties, and the color is bright, clear, bright and pure. This heat transfer vinyl uses environmentally friendly materials, and there is no discomfort in contact with the skin and no harm to the skin.And the pattern effect cannot be achieved by silk screen printing.

Rainbow glitter iron on vinyl has excellent hand feeling, firm coloring, soft and non-cracking, elastic, resistant to ultraviolet rays and sunlight, non-fading, machine washable, hand-washing, not falling off, rubbing resistance, no peculiar smell, no glue opening under high and low temperature environment, no breakage, no glue edge , good elasticity.
We have 14 colors for you to choose from,which will give your t-shirts different glitter effects.
Rainbow Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl can be used on Cotton,polyester,poly-cotton blends and Nylon(testing recommended for Nylon).

Rainbow Glitter HTV-14 colors are available

Rainbow Glitter HTV-14 colors are available

The process of rainbow glitter heat transfer vinyl

VISION Rainbow Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl can be cut according to the computer design image, and with the cutting plotter, it can make portraits of characters, and can make unique character + number jerseys, sports couple outfits. You can even make star images or your own monochrome or color images on the jersey. Compared with similar domestic products: more texture.

The equipment which use on the VISION rainbow glitter HTV VINYL is simple, as long as there is a computer, a cutting plotter and a heat press machine; it is very convenient to cut the drawing, without the need for plate making, saving the time and cost of plate making, and it is advisable to wait immediately, saving manpower and material resources; it can be registered and transferred to make clothing. The patterns are richer and more individual.

The designed pattern can be cut by the engraving machine and then thermally transferred with a heat press machine; it can also be thermally transferred with an electric iron. It is possible and realistic to make one or a small batch of personalized clothing printing.

Rainbow Glitter HTV—Easy to use

Rainbow Glitter HTV—Easy to use

More importantly, all the package of VISION heat transfer vinyl roll allows you to engrave as much as you want, maximize the use of corner materials, avoid waste, and control the cost.

VISION is a professional China heat transfer vinyl factoy in producing printing consumbles for T-shirt for more than 15 years. Our factory not provide heat transfer vinyl rolls, HTV vinyl sheet is also available for you.If you want to custom heat transfer vinyls,please contact us to consult.