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How do you use soft metallic HTV?

Soft Metallic HTV for T-shirt

As we all know, in addition to metal heat transfer vinyl, we also have soft metallic heat transfer vinyl. Like our original Metallic HTV, which you know from its name, is thinner and softer. It brings brilliance to any craft project!
Make all your designs shine with Soft Metallic HTV. Soft metallic heat transfer vinyl materials by VISION heat transfer vinyl factory are easy to weed and can be applied to a variety of textile materials in seconds. Choose from our wide range of colours and there’s always one you like best.
Like our other heat transfer vinyls, our two most common sizes are 0.5*25m and 0.61*50m. Next, let’s see how to use it.

Soft Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl Colors

Soft Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl Colors

How do you heat press VISION soft metallic HTV?

Description of soft metallic vinyl for heat press applications
1.Create designs and place your settings in your design space.
2.Tip: By mirroring your design, you place it upside down, so when you place the design down, it’s facing up.
3.Lay the color shiny side down on the mat. The frosted side (no color) is cut facing up.
4.Cut design and weeding vinyl.
5.Put the item on the heat press and place your vinyl design on the area you want to press.
6.Put the oil paper on your design and press with medium pressure for 10-15 seconds at a temperature of 135~145°C.
7.Turn on the press and heat tear for best results.
8.Remove the product from the press.
If you like to DIY at home,a household electric iron can replace heat press machine to transfer your design fabric.

How to use Soft Metallic HTV

How to use Soft Metallic HTV

The heat transfer vinyl is suitable for all fabrics, which is his greatest advantage.

Below are the care instructions:

1.For the best care, we recommend waiting 24 to 48 hours before doing laundry.
2.It is recommended to turn the item over and wash it in cold water.
3.It is recommended to dry or hang items in a low position for optimal care.
4.It is recommended to stay away from chlorine bleach.

These are the must-have vinyl rolls to add a glossy or metallic look to your stylish designs! Use these shimmering colors to personalize your outfits, make outfits you already own even more special, and surprise friends and family. You know, clothes with special styles are always a great gift idea!

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