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What is PVC vinyl heat transfer?

PVC heat transfer vinyl for Tshirt

In addition to the hot-selling PU Heat Transfer Vinyl, there is also a product called PVC Heat Transfer Vinyl.

At present, most of the heat transfer vinyl products on the market are PU type, which can be said to occupy half of the heat transfer vinyl. In fact, in addition to the PU type, there is also a heat transfer vinyl in the market. It is the PVC heat transfer vinyl that I want to talk about today.

This heat transfer vinyl for shirts has a full feel, is not deformed by high temperature hot stamping, stretches resistant, and has a wide range of uses.

What is PVC heat transfer vinyl?

PVC heat transfer vinyl is made of PVC material, which is actually a very cost-effective vinyl. Next, VISION heat transfer vinyl factory will share with you the information and precautions of PVC heat transfer vinyl.
1. The main materials consist of PVC material, release film, protective film
2. Appearance: Glossy
3. Tear off method: hot tear
4. Inspection method: household washing machine, more than 30 times.
5. The thickness of the material is about 0.11~0.13mm;
6. Color selection: a variety of spot color options,we provide 24 colours for you to choose from.

PVC heat transfer vinyl use

PVC heat transfer vinyl use

PVC heat transfer vinyl product features

It adopts imported standard PVC material, which has good hand feeling, certain tensile properties and is washable. And easy to operate, fast, convenient, no plate making.
Kind tips:
Please seal the package before use, please keep this product in a cool and dry place to prevent moisture and high temperature.
When using, remember to remove the protective film first. It is normal for the surface of the object to have a slight stickiness. Be sure to avoid the surfaces from sticking to each other.

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