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Iron on transfer paper for dark fabric

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At present, the transfer papers on the market mainly include inkjet dark transfer paper, inkjet light transfer paper and laser dark transfer paper and laser light transfer paper. These four kinds are the most basic transfer paper, and they are also the most purchased by our customers, because they do not have high requirements for printers, such as ordinary inkjet printers, such as EPSON printers. If it is laser transfer paper, we generally recommend HP printers, these two most common printers on the market can show good printer results.

As you know when we use transfer paper, we generally use large heat press machines. However, nowadays, DIY is becoming more and more popular, and more and more people like to DIY and make their own unique designs. For example, I may want to customize the same T-shirt for today’s birthday PARTY, for cheerleaders Clothing custom hat. This kind of small batch production, if we have to buy a heat press machine, it may not be worth it. So, how should we solve this problem? How to enable small DIY customers to buy their own suitable products?

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iron transfer paper for cap

Therefore, we have upgraded our products for this kind of customers. Our inkjet dark transfer paper is completely suitable for heat press machines and small irons. Next, I will tell you how to use iron on transfer paper for dark fabric.

What materials do you need for DIY?

In fact, the transfer operation is very simple. Before operation, we need to prepare, inkjet printer, Inkjet Dark Iron On Transfer Paper, Small iron, Transfer the image with a small iron to dark fabrics in a few easy steps:

how to use iron transfer paper

How to use iron transfer paper

First, select an image you like on your computer, then print your image using an inkjet printer. Please select plain paper high quality.
Let the ink on the dark fabric iron printed on the transfer paper dry thoroughly before processing.

You can also cut out the parts you don’t need with scissors. Use a hand iron to transfer the image to the fabric. Our requirement for inkjet dark transfer paper is to use the cotton and linen gear on the small iron, each part needs 40 seconds, medium pressure is required, and the backing paper needs to be torn off before transfer. Washable more than 33 times.

In fact, compared with heat press machine, the difference is that the heat press machine is changed to a small iron, and the transfer parameters have changed, but nothing else has changed. It’s just that you don’t need to use a heat press machine, the small iron is faster to operate, we also sell small irons, you can also contact us if you need it. If it is the first contact, we also have video demonstration steps, you don’t need to worry, as long as you need, you can leave everything to us.

Some people may be wonder about that, if the dark inkjet transfer paper can be transferred with a small iron, can the inkjet light color transfer paper also be transferred with a small iron? My answer is yes. Because our products are all designed to meet the needs of customers, as long as customers have needs, we will meet their requirements. So for light-colored transfer paper, we have specially developed a Inkjet Light Iron On Transfer Paper, which is also suitable for small irons, so please contact us if you need it.

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heat transfer paper factory

VISION is a Chinese heat transfer paper factory that has been manufacturing digital printing consumbles on fabrics for about 15 years,we not only provide regular sizes:A4 and A3, and back printing is also available. Custom and size custom, we have what you want.