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Best sublimation paper for dark shirts

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An increasing number of people use sublimation paper. Because it is different with heat transfer paper, Sublimation is a process in which special inks are injected directly into a substrate and is a permanent and fully crack and peel-resistant image transfer method. However, it is more involved and more expensive.

 And we all know that sublimation paper is used for light color polyester fabric, but today, we will talk about best sublimation paper for dark shirts, so I will recommend a special product for you, that is OBM Sublitextile. Also, I will introduce it for you from serveral aspects.

1. What is OBM sublitextile?
2. Six types of OBM sublitextile
3. How to use OBM sublitextile?
4. Why do we use OBM sublitextile?

What is OBM sublitextile?

Actually,the OBM sublitextile is a fabric of sublimation coating polyester.It was developed especially for light or dark polyester and cotton fabrics.
ShangHai Vision Digital Printing Co.,ltd is a trustable OBM sublitextile sublimation manfacturer and factory and supplier.We wholesale A3/A4 and roll size OBM sublitextile sublimation paper with good quality and low price.

Six types of OBM sublitextile

For OBM sublitextile, we have six types, there are tatami, elastic, short velvet, long velvet, satin pearlescent and rough pearlescent. The biggest difference between these six types is different touch feeling, but the function is same, So if you are interested in them, we can send video to your reference and then you can choose. Our size is A3/A4 and 0.5x25m/50m, it can be apply for cotton, polyester and polycotton fabric. And it needs inkjet printer with sublimation ink. But before you use it, you also need use scissors.

obm sublitextile sheet&roll

obm sublitextile sheet&roll

How to use OBM sublitextile?

First, we need prepare inkjet printer with sublimation ink, sublimation paper, obm sublitextile, cutting plotter, but if you do not have cutting plotter, you can use scissors.and we have two ways to transfer it, let me introduce it one by one, Process as follows:

(1) Make an image that you like, then print image on Sublimation Paper in mirror mode.
(2) Cut out the outline of OBM sublitextile (can be with scissors or cutting plotter)
(3) Then set the temperature and time, we always use 180 degree and 40 seconds to transfer it.
(4) Tear off the backing paper from the OBM sublitextile and place it on the fabric to be transferred.
(5) Place the printed subliamtion paper  on the OBM with the image facing down.
(6) Press down the heat transfer machine to complete the transfer. When time is up, transfer is down, you will get a very beautiful fabric.

how to use OBM sublitextile

how to use OBM sublitextile

This is the second way.At first, we need to print the sublimation paper in advance, please use mirror printing, then choose a piece of obm sublitextile, all types are ok, then transfer the image to the OBM sublitextile,please use 200 degree and 20 secons,but please do not peel off the backing paper of OBM sublitextile fabric, it is to prevent the glue from sticking to the board, it is best to pad it with oil paper on two sides. Then cut the obm with scissors, remember trim along the contour edges of the image with scissors. Next step is to transfer the OBM to the fabric, please use 200 degree and 10 seconds, do not forget to tear off the backing paper of obm, then the transfer is done.

Why do we use OBM sublitextile?

OBM sublitextile solves the problem that sublimation paper can not be used for dark cotton. If for cotton fabric, we have inkjet heat transfer paper for dark and light color fabrics, but for polyester, we only have sublimation paper and it can only be used for light color polyester, so we create OBM sublitextile, it can meet your different requirement.

OBM sublitextile-0630

OBM sublitextile

 So if you want to transfer dark polyester fabric, I really recommend obm sublitextile for you, it can make your design more becautiful and vivide. And sheet size and roll size can for your choose, if you are interested in it, please contact us directly, free samples and more details will be send to you, thank you.