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3 Common problems and solutions of sublimation transfer paper

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After-sales customer service in our factory is often asked some technical questions about the use of transfer paper when receiving customer calls. Today, we aim at some technical problems that users often encounter when using sublimation transfer paper for printing. We will come up with some solutions to the corresponding problem.

1.The material (cotton, sponge, cardboard, etc.) under the heat press machine will absorb the ink moisture during the transfer process, which will cause excessive moisture during the transfer process,As a result, the color of the pattern transferred on the fabric becomes lighter, or local fogging or water-like interference occurs.Therefore, before and during the transfer process, regularly heat and press for a few seconds to evaporate the moisture on the cotton cloth. Dry materials should be replaced in time if possible.

2.The printed pattern and the fabric to be transferred should not be affected with moisture as much as possible, otherwise, during the transfer, especially the roller press will easily soften the sublimation paper and wrinkle, and streaks will appear on the fabric. In addition, the transfer rate will be reduced, the color of the pattern will not be bright, and the outline of the pattern will be melted in severe cases. There will be a difference in color contrast between dry transfer and wet transfer of fabrics. The more wet, the more serious the situation.
Because of the above reasons, we should put the printed paper (to be transferred) and fabric in a dry room, and the humidity should be controlled below 60%.If you want to have a perfect transfer effect.

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sublimation printing paper

3.Sometimes,there will be occured ghosting when the sublimation printing paper is transferred under the heat press. Why?The reason is that the sublimation transfer paper is relatively flat during the heat transfer process and it will not bend immediately when heated under the press, and sublimation paper and fabric can be pasted together. However,when the hot platen is lifted during thermal transfer, the sublimation paper will be adsorbed on the upper platen together with the fabric, and then fall down. At this time, the high-temperature sublimation transfer paper falling on the fabric will cause second-time transfer, forming a ghost with very light color.

Therefore, in order to prevent ghosting during fabric transfer, we can take the following solutions:

Decrease the ascending speed of the heat press machine

We can adjust the speed regulating valve (or throttle valve) of the air cylinder (or hydraulic cylinder) on the heat press machine, and turn the valve that controls the lifting of the platen downward (close it a little), so that the lifting speed of the platen becomes slow. In this way, when the platen is lifted, the dye sublimation paper and the fabric are not easily sucked up together.It can avoid the ghosting problem caused by the second-time transfer in falling down.

The four corners of sublimation paper are dipped in water

If the sublimation transfer paper is smaller than the fabric, you can apply a little water (a small dot, ≤ 0.5 square centimeters) on the 4 corners of the sublimation transfer paper without the printed pattern, and then cover it on the fabric for transfer. It is bonded to the fabric in the water-soaked place during transfer, and it will not be misaligned with the fabric after transfer, resulting in the ghosting of the second transfer. After transfer, if there is burnt yellow on the water-soaked part of the fabric, it can be wiped off with clean water.

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sublimation paper

Cover method

If the sublimation transfer paper is larger than the fabric and can cover the surface of the fabric, the sublimation paper and fabric will generally not be picked up by the heat press machine. This is a commer principle of physics.It is the electrostatic effect of the fabric. When the sublimation paper covers the fabric, the static electricity on the fabric is cut off. It will not suck up and fall off for the second-time transfer.

Use special sticky sublimation paper

The best way to avoid ghosting is to use special sticky sublimation paper. The sticky sublimation paper will stick to the fabric during transfer, so that no matter how the sublimation paper and the fabric are sucked up and dropped, the sublimation paper and the fabric will always stick together, eliminating the possibility of ghosting caused by shifting. The use of adhesive sublimation paper can greatly improve the convenience of operation and the passing rate of mass production.
There are 2 types of sticky sublimation paper for your choice.You can view the product page to know more details.
Although the price of sticky sublimation paper is slightly higher than that of ordinary transfer paper, it is economical to use sticky sublimation paper because it greatly reduces consumption and improves work efficiency.

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sublimation paper factory

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