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Why is glitter heat transfer vinyl popular?

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Why is the glitter heat transfer vinyl popular?The glitter heat transfer vinyl is to transfer the engraved pattern to the clothing.Glitter heat transfer vinyl makes the clothing more unique and beautiful.

Now in the society, more people pursue personalized and customized clothing, and even show greater demand.Everyone wants to be different in the crowd.Therefore, the heat transfer vinyl has a unique advantage in this regard. With the effect of the glitter heat transfer vinyl, the clothing presents a colorful and beautiful pattern, so the glitter heat transfer vinyl is very popular in the market.

Glitter heat transfer vinyl has the following features by VISION
1) Washable, high temperature resistance, high elasticity, no fading;
2) Wide application range, can be widely used in various textile fabrics;
3) The product is rich in color and has a wide range of choices;
4) The three-dimensional effect is good, the onion powder is even and fine.

How to cut glitter heat transfer vinyl?

VISION glitter heat transfer vinyl is easy to cut and weed,you can cut the heat transfer vinyl with a cutting machine,such as cricut.If you don’t have a cutting machine at home,you can design your pattern and print it with a paper,and then hold the patterned paper and heat trasnfer vinyl tightly together,you can cut out the pattern with a pair of scissors.Finally,you put the design on the textile to transfer,and iron the glitter heat transfer vinyl back and forth until glue sticks onto the textile tightly.We call it as glitter iron on vinyl.

VISION heat transfer vinyl factory not only wholesale glitter heat transfer viny,if you want to display the effect of rainbow glitter,wo also manufacture rainbow glitter iron on vinyl, the effect of transfer on clothing is more vivid and colorful.



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