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How to cut heat transfer vinyl(HTV):3 solutions


Many beginners do not know how to cut heat transfer vinyl(HTV). In this article, VISION heat transfer vinyl factory provides you with three cutting solutions for heat transfer vinyl. As a convenient and quick material to operate, heat transfer vinyl can be used for individual DIY or industrial mass production. Therefore, there are three solutions to cut heat transfer vinyl: individual, commercial and industrial.
Due to different requirements for the equipment of heat transfer vinyl operation in individual, commercial, industrial and other aspects. VISION heat transfer vinyl supplier will explain the ways of heat transfer vinyl from three aspects.

1. How to cut heat transfer vinylHandmade DIY Solutions
Handmade scissors
First,you should print the pattern you want to DIY on A4 paper, clamp the A4 paper with the iron on vinyl, and use hand scissors to cut the unnecessary materials along the icon of the A4 paper to make your own thermal transfer printing icon.



Electric iron
Please use an electric heating iron, DO NOT use a steam iron, put the prepared thermal transfer icon on the material to be ironed, and use an electric iron to heat and press back and forth until the hot melt adhesive on the iron on vinyl sticks on the fabric. The ironing can be repeated until the material is firmly ironed.

2. How to cut heat transfer vinylBusiness Solutions
Cutting plotter
The pattern drawn on the computer is cut by a cutting plotter and made into a pattern.VISION heat transfer vinyl is compatible with most cutting plotter brands in the market:Cricut,silhouette cameo 4.



Manual heat press machine
The manual heat press machine designed according to ergonomics, using 220V voltage, small size, no noise, convenient and simple operation, suitable for ordinary commercial use, such as shops, homes, schools, factory proofing, etc.

3.How to cut heat transfer vinyl Industrial Solutions
Laser cutting and engraving machine
Depending on the model, the speed can reach several meters or tens of meters per second, which can be used for cutting heat transfer vinyl, or half-cut engraving with very fine patterns. It is suitable for mass production in factories or professional processing units. But pay attention to the yellow edge produced by excessive firepower.



Continuous heat transfer equipment
According to different needs, air pressure, liquid, drum or rotary heat transfer processing equipment can be selected.It is characterized by a high degree of automation and standardization and guarantees the process and results of hot stamping products.

The above three cutting solutions of heat transfer vinyl is provided for you.Which cutting solutions to choose according to your own conditions. If you would like to wholesale heat transfer vinyl from VISION factory.Please let us know. Or any other questions about the use of VISION heat transfer vinyl, leave us a message or contact us, you can also watch our video.

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