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What materials can you not sublimate on?

Sublimation paper Roll Printing

If you are using dye sublimation paper for the first time, you may be asking yourself, “What material can you sublimate on? Also, what material can you not sublimate on?”

Unlike most printing techniques, which imprint a dye onto a surface, dye sublimation embeds color directly into the surface of a material or fabric. Sublimation ink changes from liquid to gas, sublimates into the fabric,

One of the most popular fabric printing processes is sublimation. While this may seem like a difficult process, it can have many benefits when done correctly.

What is sublimation printing?

Sublimation printing is a printing process. After that, another process is performed to transfer the image on the paper to a piece of fabric. This fabric is usually polyester or a polyester blend. The ink is heated to a temperature sufficient to facilitate its transfer to the fabric.

Sublimation ink is a water-based ink dye that turns into a gas rather than a liquid when heat and pressure are applied. The gas version of the ink binds easily to polyester molecules and dyes, so it transfers designs without issue.

Sublimation paper is a coated specialty paper designed to fix and release dye sublimation inks onto a surface. There is an extra layer on the paper that is designed to hold rather than absorb sublimation inks. This special coated paper is specially formulated for use in dye-sublimation printers, withstands the high heat of heat presses, and creates beautiful dye-sublimation transfers on your surface. The transfer works really well as it can only be used on light colored polyester fabrics, also polyester is the fabric of choice for dye sublimation as the sublimation ink bonds well to the polyester molecules. The higher the purity of the polyester, the better the pattern transfer. For best results, always choose 100% polyester.

sublimation sheet printing

sublimation sheet printing

So, according to the above information, the sublimation paper is suitable for light-colored cotton fabrics and sublimation paper layers with hard objects. Therefore, the use of sublimation paper is very wide. Shanghai Vision sublimation paper not only has sheet size but also roll size. If you are interested, we can provide free samples for your use.