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Is DTF print good quality?

DTF printing

Is the quality of DTF transfer good? I can confidently answer your question.

   The transfer effect of DTF is very good, and the operation is simple and convenient, saving time and effort, it is your best choice. DTF transfer film is a new solution that has emerged in recent years. Therefore, more and more merchants give up transfer paper and use DTF instead. DTF is widely used, and the most common use is on T-shirts, school bags, handbags, pillows, gift bags, shoes, hats and various fabrics. , and it is easy to operate. Compared with lettering film, it can easily achieve the effect of hollowing out without waste discharge. That’s why he’s so popular.

   The washing performance of DTF printed garments is excellent. Even though there was very little ink sprayed on the garment, the garment was pleasant to the touch. I can feel a thin layer of hot-melt powder on the clothes, and the clothes feel normal. Even after 24 hours of washing, the colors are very bright and will not be affected in any way.

The reliable DTF printing supplier

   Shanghai Vision Co., Ltd. is a professional DTF printing manufacturer. If you want to transfer DTF successfully, first of all, the quality of the film is very important. The quality of the market is uneven. Although some films are very cheap, they are prone to problems of not being recognized and the film being stuck by the printer. To put it simply, the touch structure is a high-temperature resistant PET film coated with an ink-absorbing coating. Because we produce double-sided matte film, there will be no problem of not recognizing the film at all.

When it comes to PET films, powder binders and inks, you have a variety of options. Finding the right combination of film, ink and powder binder is key to successful DTF transfer. We can provide all the matching consumables for your use. Our consumables are shaped by a variety of options, which can maximize the advantages of DTF.

   Accurate control of each step in the DTF process is important to the end result. For example, registration is critical, especially when dealing with multiple printheads, because you must register the white layer precisely.

Reasons affecting DTF printing quality

   Of course there are many other factors that can affect the quality of a DTF transmission. You will most likely need climate control for a specific humidity. Static electricity and humidity levels directly affect print quality. An uncontrolled environment increases the risk of clogged printheads and inconsistent printing. Take control of your production environment to ensure consistent, high-quality results. Proper powder application and curing are key to successful DTF transfer.

   Customers are impressed when they see a properly manufactured and applied DTF transfer. DTF transfers can be a way for you to expand your business and accept more orders. Before you start making them yourself, then our company is the right choice for you. We provide 30cm and 60cm DTF printers to meet your needs in different development stages.

   The operation process of DTF can be simply divided into the following three steps:

1. Print pattern;

2. Shaking and baking;

3. Transfer printing.

DTF print

DTF print

And DTF transfer film has the following advantages:

1.With its own hollow effect, no cutting is required.

2.Bright colors, can exceed the printing effect of photos.

3.Stretch and tear resistance, strong ductility.

4.Resistant to cleaning, rubbing and rubbing, no fading.

5.Easy to store and carry after winding, easy to use

    If you are interested DTF printing technology, please contact us immediately. We are more than happy to provide matching free samples for your testing. Looking forward to your call.