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Do you need a heat press for transfer paper?

Light Inkjet Iron On Transfer Paper

Yes, in general, a heat press is needed to apply transfer paper to a garment or fabric. Heat transfer paper is designed to transfer the ink or design onto the fabric through the application of heat and pressure. A heat press is a machine that applies heat and pressure to the transfer paper and fabric, which activates the ink and adheres it to the fabric.

But if you want to use transfer paper without a heat press machine, what equipment should we use for hot stamping instead?

In the market, there is a type of digital printing paper are very popular in Home DIY Markets — It is Iron transfer papers. There are two different Iron papers as Iron dark transfer paper, Iron light transfer paper and Inkjet light transfer paper Pro. They request InkJet printers to print, pigment ink are advised.

Inkjet Dark Iron On Transfer Paper

Inkjet Dark Iron On Transfer Paper

For Iron transfer papers, it’s very simple requests with equipment, one set of printer with ink, iron transfer papers, cotton shirts and an Iron, then you can start your Home DIY Business.

Among Vision Iron Serial Papers, all those Iron papers can use both Iron and heat press machine to press on.

For Iron papers by VISION transfer paper factory shipping requests normally are 50 sheets papers with a sheet of color page packed with transparent OPP bags, then 2000 sheets (40 packs) in an export standard carton. And if your order can meet single paper type order quantity 30000 sheets A4 or 15000 sheets A3, then we can print your company logo on the papers’ backing side, that piece of services normally are offered freely by Shanghai Vision Company. Some customers may also don’t like VISION Neutral color page design, then we can offer customizing color page with color page customizing fee (This cost is paid to the third company). Also customizing package sheet quantity are avaialbe with some charge too.

Transfer Paper manufacturer

Transfer Paper manufacturer

If you want to know the exactly charge for upper mentioned OEM Services, or you want to know more about our papers and other products, don’t hesitate to sent us inquiry, we will try our best to serve you well.