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Sublimation transfer paper for sublimation printing

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It’s known to all, dye sublimation transfer paper printing is a digital printing technology in the market, whether in South America or North America, Europe, Aisa, Etc, all are very popular.

So what is sublimation paper used for?

Vision sublimation paper factory as one of the most important role of dye-sublimation printing, we must make clear of that .Today, in regard to the application of our best sublimation paper, we have a discussing about that.

1.Sublimation paper used for Clothing Textiles

Sublimation paper can realize personalized, small batch production, pattern lifelike, fine, bright color does not fade. Such as: Kids T-Shirts, Adult T-Shirts, Sportswear, Swimwear, Cycling Wear, Etc. You can print any photos in your T-shirt. We can make same t shirt for group , party , or any type of function. This printing process is very easy process, we do not need more skill person to print photo on t shirt. In this printing we need a sublimation paper. As mentioned above, the sublimation transfer paper works with polyester which is why the best shirts to use for sublimation are 100% polyester or shirts with a high poly/cotton ratio. The higher the polyester the more vibrant and permanent the colors will be. The standard custom printed fabric for digital sublimation printing is white polyester fabric. In the case of hard substrates, items with a polyester coating are ideal. And yes, you may have seen colored garments with sublimation decoration. You can print light colors, but since the sublimation ink is transparent, the graphic will take on the garment color. You also can print on a blended fabric, such as 50% polyester/ 50% cotton, but be aware that sublimation inks only will bond with the polyester. The finished print will have a washed-out, retro appearance, but there are decorators who print and sell such items. Of course, the higher the polyester content in the blended fabric, the better the finished print will appear. Garments made of 100% cotton, even if white, are not an option with sublimation inks, as they will not adhere to cotton fabric. Sublimation printing on finished garments of digital prints sometimes can show white voids where the fabric was folded and, therefore, not decorated.Sublimation paper uses inkjet printers to print transfers using sublimation inks, also referred to as disperse dyes. These inkjet printers use a piezo print head to vibrate the ink onto the release paper. This paper is designed to “carry the ink,” then release it onto the substrate as it turns into a gas during the heating process. It’s actually a specialty sublimation paper for shirts that is used to print patterns onto clothing and textiles. Sublimation uses heat to vaporize ink and transfer it onto clothing. When the sublimation ink hits the fabric, the ink bonds with fabric fibers and becomes part of the fabric. Sublimation printing is outstanding for fine lines and details, and arguably one of the best methods for all-over printing. With low set up costs, it is great for small runs, and the printing is so close to permanent it’s pretty much unbeatable.

2.Sublimation paper used for Home Textiles:

Small batch, personalized. Fine pattern, fast market response, timely supply! It mainly include curtains, fabrics, cushions, bedding, carpets, bath towels, kitchen textiles, bed sheets, bedspreads, mosquito nets, mats, quilts, blankets, pillows, etc.These large fabrics are suitable for sublimation paper rolls.
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wholesale sublimation paper

3.Sublimation paper used for Sports Equipments with sublimation coating: beautiful and practical. Such as skateboards. 4.Sublimation paper used for Umbrella, shoes and hats,ribbons, etc. 5.Sublimation paper used for all kinds of gifts, handicrafts and tourist souvenirs. Such as sublimation coating ceramic mugs, sublimation coating glass mugs, sublimation coating photo frames, sublimation coating rock slates, sublimation coating keychains, sublimation coating metal plates, sublimation coating aluminum sports water bottles, sublimation coating stainless steel thermos cups, sublimation coating car mugs, sublimation coating cola cans, etc.
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Sublimation paper

All in all, the use of sublimation paper is very wide, if you want to know more information, you can feel free to contact us.