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How to use sublimation transfer paper on shirts

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If you’ve read my post before, you’re probably somewhat familiar with the idea of sublimation.
So how to use sublimation paper for shirts? You need to prepare below materials:
Polyester Shirt
Heat Press Machine
High Temperature Oil Paper
Sublimation Transfer Paper
Copy Paper
Lint Roller
Heat Resistant Tape
We can offer a variety of different sublimation sheets size options, such as A4, A3;

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sublimation printing paper sheet

8.5″ x 11″, 11”*17”, Sublimation Paper Roll, etc.

How to use sublimation paper for shirts – Prepare Your Fabric
Pro Tip- Wipe down your table before laying out any of your materials to remove any fibers, dust, or lint which can interfere with the design.
Lay your T-shirt or bag on top of a pressing mat, slide a piece of white copy or cardstock paper inside of the item you are planning on pressing. This will protect the backside of the item from possible ink leaking through from the transfer sheet.
Use a lint roller to remove any hair, debris, or lint from the surface of your fabric. Most of the time these specks aren’t even visible to your eye but they can cause blue dots to appear after pressing or imperfections if they aren’t removed.
Gently press the wrinkles out of the shirt with your Heat Press Machine. Wrinkles can also interfere with the design pressing properly.

How to use sublimation paper for shirts – Center your Sublimation Transfer Paper
Using heat resistant tape, center the design on the shirt. I like to place my design a few inches from the neckline. You can use a ruler to measure on either side of the transfer to ensure that it’s centered.
Place a sheet of oil paper over the design. It should completely cover the area that will be pressed.
This will protect the t-shirt from scorching during the transfer process and protect the heat press from getting any ink on it.

How to use sublimation paper for shirts – Heat Press Transfer
Press the sublimation transfer paper for 40 seconds at 210 centi degrees with medium pressure. Double-check that all of the design is underneath the Heat Press.
Ensure that the sublimation transfer sheet does not move at all during this process as it can cause ghosting. Remove the heat press when the time is up.

How to use sublimation paper for shirts – Remove Transfer
Allow the sublimation printing paper to cool and peel off the tape and remove the piece of paper to reveal the design. Remove the transfer sheet in one fluid motion to prevent any ghosting of the design.

sublimation printing paper-0616

sublimation printer paper

Of course,sublimation printer paper not only can be used on t-shirts,it also applies to tumbles,mugs,cups,and more.So this is the usage of sublimation paper for shirts,if you have any question about VISION sublimation transfer paper,welcome to contact us.