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Heat transfer vinyl won’t stick to t shirt

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Heat transfer vinyl is a widely used thermal transfer material. Heat transfer vinyl can be applied to most fabrics such as sportswear, fashion apparel, advertising shirts, etc. So it’s also known as t shirt vinyl and it’s easy to work with. But if you’re new to heat transfer vinyl, you might find yourself frustrated with T shirt vinyl that doesn’t stick, or the HTV vinyl that sticks just barely on the fabric , It is easy to fall off when you peel off the carrier. You may be wondering if the t shirt transfer vinyl you purcharsed is incorrect or defective. If you’re wondering “heat transfer vinyl won’t stick to my t shirt?”, this article is for you.
The most common reasons for heat transfer vinyl not sticking to fabrics are:

1. The main problems are: time, temperature, pressure

Each type of heat transfer vinyl for t shirt has its own instructions and needs to be used together. Time, temperature and pressure are extremely important factors when using an iron on vinyl. Check the description of the heat press vinyl you are using and make sure all settings are correct.ALL of the packaged product by VISION heat transfer vinyl factory contains corresponding instructions, which you can follow to set up.

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iron on vinyl

Time – If the ironing time is too short, the HTV will not stick to the fabric. A long press or ironing may have the same effect. HTV works by using a heat-activated adhesive that is too short to heat up enough to stick. Too much time may burn the adhesive. Therefore, spending too much or not enough time on the HTV can result in the HTV not sticking to the shirt. The time may vary depending on the material you are transferring, VISION HTV ironing time is generally 10-15 seconds.

Temperature – Not all vinyls are used at the same temperature, you must check the manufacturer’s recommendations for specific HTV vinyls. Check to make sure you are using the correct temperature. Use at high or low temperatures can cause the HTV to fail to adhere.

Pressure – Using an iron instead of a heat press is often an issue with this, and you’ll have to check the specific recommendations of the heat transfer vinyl manufacturer. If you are using an iron, press the iron with medium/some pressure (don’t slide the iron), the pattern will also be difficult to transfer to the fabric under too little pressure.

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heat press vinyl

2. What fabric is your HTV vinyl used on?

Check what material the label on the shirt is. Vinyl for shirts is commonly used in cotton, polyester, cotton/polyester blends, burlap, canvas, and more. Iron on vinyl for shirts is not compatible with some fabrics such as nylon or spandex materials.

3. Are there thick seams, buttons, zippers, collars or hoodies, etc. on the fabric?

Many baby suits, toddler shirts, adult shirts have buttons on them or hoodies, and the t shirt vinyl doesn’t stick to when the raised areas on these fabrics affect the actual pressure of the design. You can fix it with a heat transfer pillow.

4. The HTV vinyl is hot peel or cold peel?

You need to know the htv vinyl you bought is hot peel or cold peel. This is closely related to vinyl formulations. Some types of htv vinyl for t-shirts may require peeling immediately after transferring or ironing. Some vinyls may require complete cooling. Improper peeling can definitely ruin your design. So read the instructions carefully before using vinyl.

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vinyl for tshirt

5. Do you preheat to remove moisture from the fabric?

Preheating your wearable or fabric items ensures a strong bond and helps eliminate any folds that could cause the design to crease. Use the iron to preheat the area where you plan to place the pattern for a few seconds. If you are using a heat press, press and hold the blank area for a few seconds to heat the fabric.

6. Is your press working properly? 

Occasionally, the heating element in a heat press will age so that it cannot heat to the set temperature. There may also be hot and cold spots across the platen. So you can buy a temperature measuring gun to test the accuracy of the heat press.

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heat transfer vinyl factory

If you encounter other problems in the use of VISION heat transfer vinyl, you can also consult us at any time. We are a professional manufacturer of thermal transfer consumables.We can also custom tshirt vinyl for you. In addition to HTV vinyl, we also produce heat transfer paper and sublimation paper. We are looking for agents or wholesalers around the world, if you are interested, please contact us!