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Which heat transfer vinyl is the best?

Heat Transfer Vinyl for Shirts

Can Heat Transfer Vinyl Work For You? This is real!
Heat transfer vinyl is the new craze in the industry and it can be used with an iron or a heat press. You’ll save tons of time on t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, mugs and anything that needs lettering.
Let’s talk about what heat transfer vinyl is and how to use it effectively.

What is Heat Transfer Vinyl?

Heat transfer vinyl has quickly become the most popular way to customize and create T-shirts for you. With the popularity of cutting plotters like Cricut or Silhouette, anyone can create great designs. However, if you’re new to this type of manufacturing, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the different t shirt vinyl options currently on the market. One can choose from hundreds of HTV vinyl products, many of which falsely claim to be better than others. With so many options, how can you really know which products are the best?

How to use heat transfer vinyl effectively?

The first thing you need to know is that you can use different types of HTV vinyls for different types of DIY projects, and it is important for you to understand the main differences between them.

How to use Heat Transfer Vinyl

How to use Heat Transfer Vinyl

The first type of HTV vinyl a DIYer should know is heat transfer vinyl, or HTV, which is the focus of this article. Simply put, heat transfer vinyl uses heat from a press to adhere to fabric. It is considered permanent vinyl and should not be confused with temporary or permanent sticky vinyl used for signs and non-clothing items. Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) comes in a variety of colors and styles, including solid and glitter, reflective, glowing, and more.

Vinyl for shirts comes in many colors, designs and types, When working with heat transfer vinyl, you need a range of tools to help ensure your garments look the way you want them to. First, you need to choose your preferred HTV color, HTV cutting mat or cutter, and vinyl trim. You will also need a vinyl weeding hook, craft knife, a computer program and a printer to create a mirrored version of your design, place the iron on vinyl on the item you want to apply (like a t-shirt), iron with an iron Heat press, tear off the heat transfer vinyl and you’re done! You can create a beautiful design in seconds.

Most importantly, however, you need a suitable heat source to transfer your vinyl for shirts to the object you intend to decorate. Most casual DIYers and beginners of iron on vinyl for shirts use a regular iron to activate the adhesive on the T-shirt vinyl and attach it to their projects. Because it’s convenient and labor-saving, buying a heat press might be a good idea if you like a lot of vinyl DIY projects or want to start selling custom products with HTV decals.

Heat Transfer Factory-0914

Heat Transfer Vinyl Factory

The best selling heat transfer vinyl on the market is the VISION brand. VISION is a credible China heat transfer vinyl factory. Customers who wholesale from our factory rave about this product because it works on a variety of fabrics and cuts smoothly on most home machines. It also has an affordable price point compared to other HTV vinyl options.
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