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What items can you sublimate?

sublimation pillowcase

What is Dye Sublimation? We know that when a solid is heated to a certain temperature, it will be liquefied into a liquid, and then heated to a certain temperature, it will be vaporized into a gas. Sublimation means that a solid is directly vaporized into a gas when heated to a certain temperature. Therefore, sublimation is to directly infiltrate the pattern on the transfer paper into the material to be printed. For fabrics, polyester materials are the best. For sublimation transfer printing, any material with a heat resistance of more than 210 degrees Celsius can be used for sublimation transfer printing, but it needs to be covered with a layer of coating, such as DIY mugs, photo frames, plates, etc. Compared with traditional heat transfer printing, sublimation transfer printing has the advantages of high transfer rate and not easy to fade.

Therefore, the sublimation transfer printing is applicable to a wide range, including the garment textile industry, home textile textile industry, advertising industry, and handicraft industry.

Specifically, there are creative DIY, umbrellas, bags, shoes and hats, toys, webbing, sports equipment, small gifts, etc.

sublimation transfer printing

sublimation transfer printing

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