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Some Tips of Sublimating Cups

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When you want to transfer a pattern you like to the blank cups,the transfer may fail due to some factors. For example,you are a beginner,so you may make mistakes in the transfer,such as the control of transfer temperature,time. Or maybe you get the wrong way to use sublimation paper.
We know that special sublimation transfer paper is required for pattern transfer of cups.In this article,VISION factory will share some tips to the beginner:

The Tips of Transferring Cups

1. For transfer cups, the recommended starting temperature is 140°C, and the ending temperature is 180°C for 45 seconds. The baking cup machine on the combined machine generally recommends a temperature of 180°C for 200 seconds.
(Note: The transfer of the color changing cup can refer to the color at the bottom of the cup is completely white, then the transfer can be completed.)
2. When transferring the cup, the sublimation printing paper needs to be fixed with high temperature tape at both ends to prevent the paper from sliding, resulting in shifting of the transfer pattern and ghosting.
3. Due to the heating problem of the baking coaster of the baking cup machine, it is recommended to prevent the transferred pattern from the middle part of the baking coaster, with the cup opening facing the entrance of the heating wire (the size of the baking coaster is 115*230mm)
4. The actual height of the cup itself is 96mm, and the recommended transfer pattern size is about 80mm, that is, the bottom of the cup is 10mm upward and the cup mouth is 5mm downward, which is the most effective transfer area.

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baking cup machine

If you need to transfer a full-width pattern, you can complete the following steps:

First, increase the transfer time, which can be increased to 70 seconds (or longer).
Second, increase the pressure of the cup during transfer, and clamp the cup a little.
Third, after the machine zeroing sound sounds, you can put the cup into the cup baking machine and bake it for 20-30 seconds (the time can be controlled by yourself), so the operation needs to fix the dye sublimation paper without sliding, otherwise it will shift, double image.
Fourth, use better quality grilled coasters.

In addition, the temperature time of the cup transfer is a relatively suitable temperature time,which can be adjusted according to different cup baking machines.Besides,choosing high quality sublimation paper for cups is important.

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sublimation paper factory

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