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Notice of Arrangement of 2022 National Day

2022 National Day-VISION

Dear colleagues,

The arrangement for National Day is as follows:

Please be noted the following holiday arrangement for 2022 National Day.The arrangements for the holiday time are as follows:

1.Our company’s celebration of National Day will be from Oct.1st to Oct.7th , seven days in total.

On Oct.8th (Saturday) and Oct.9th (Sunday) are normal working hours.

2. During the National Day holiday, please turn off the power equipment, lock the doors and windows, etc. to ensure safety.

Preventive work, beware of accidents, so that everyone can have a safe and worry-free vacation.

3. All employees must keep their mobile phones switched on during holidays to keep in touch.

4. All employees are requested to arrange your work plan reasonably before and after holiday.

I wish you all a happy National Day!

                                                                                                                                                  Shanghai VISION Digital Printing Co.,LTD