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Is DTF film better than heat transfer vinyl?

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What is DTF transfer?

DTF transfer is a new white ink printing system that allows printing on different types of textile supports (cotton, polyester blends, nonwovens) for white and coloured textiles.The main advantage of DTF printing is that it is more affordable than current direct textile printing technology, whether you resell or transfer it yourself, the price will be more advantageous. And it can be printed on any type of textile or color, and there is no requirement for the transferred fabric, so he has a wider range of trials and has become the choice of more people.

What material is needed for DTF printing and how to use?

This technology uses a modified printer that converts an ordinary inkjet printer into a DTF printer, uses special DTF inks, including white ink, special software, and prints the image on a special laminated paper or DTF film that absorbs the ink.

After the DTF film is printed, a special powder called polyamide is made and sprinkled on relatively fresh ink, which will help the ink stick to the garment.The DTF powder must be dried/cured in an oven, some use a sublimation iron, or the powder can be dried in a dryer.When the polyamide crystallizes, place the DTF film anywhere on the garment, iron it, wait for it to cool and remove the DTF film so the image will stick to the garment.

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DTF Printing

The advantages of DTF film

The advantages of are as follows,In DTF printing, the peel-off process is the easiest and fastest process available, requiring no peel-off or material discard compared to other similar personalization methods. For example, if you use heat transfer vinyl, then you will also spend some time on waste removal.Those that are personalized with DTF are better quality, the colors are more vivid, bright, and they are very comfortable to the touch, and after the transfer, you feel good flexibility, better than textile vinyl and other technologies, because we only put the ink Transfer to clothing.They are resistant to more than 50 washes with proper recommendations: wash clothes inside out to avoid any friction inside the washing machine, do not use bleach as they can damage clothes, wash only in cold water, at temperatures not exceeding 30 degrees.

The disadvantage of DTF film

The disadvantage of DTF film printing is also obvious. Ink deposition can easily cause nozzle blockage, especially for white ink.We recommend daily printing, please strictly follow the recommendations of print head cleaning, printer test and agitation of ink, these steps are essential.

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