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How to use t shirt transfer paper

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T-shirt transfer paper allows anyone to create custom cotton t-shirts and other cotton fabric fabrics, such as socks, handbags, aprons, etc. The paper is specially designed to transfer a printed image onto fabric with heat from a heat press machine or household iron. Of course,we supply you with professional iron on transfer paper for t shirts.Iron on paper is very suitable for the people who would like to DIY at home.The only additional tools needed are a printer and a computer with some type of imaging software. Most home printers accept fabric transfer paper, we recommend using pigment ink to print images, so that the colorful pattern is bright and not easy to fade.Although the price of pigment inks is a little more expensive than thet of dye ink.

How to print on t shirt with transfer paper

A person who wants to create a custom design does need some knowledge of imaging software. Even printing a picture from a digital camera onto a T-shirt will usually requite the use of photo-editing software. People working with clip art images and custom lettering only need to know how to create a document using the images and lettering they choose. If the design contains lettering, the person creating it needs to remember to reverse the image in the document before printing it so that the letters will face the right direction after they are transferred to the shirt. This is usually an advanced option found in most printer settings.

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print on t shirt with transfer paper

The types of T-shirt transfer paper

There are two different types of T-shirt transfer paper. The standard variety can be used to transfer a design onto white, gray, or another light colored fabric.It is called light transfer paper. To transfer a design onto black, navy, or other dark colored fabric, transfer paper designed for dark colors must be used. Transfer paper suitable for black fabrics is called dark fabric transfer paper.Individuals should also keep in mind that, on dark fabrics, black outlines of clip art images and black lettering will not show up, so the design may need to be modified according to the color fabric that will receive it.

The settings of heat press transfer paper

Once the designer prints the image onto the heat transfer paper and the ink has dried, he will be ready to apply it to a T-shirt or other fabric. Transferring the design involves cutting around the outside edges of the final image and ironing it on. Different heat transfer paper manufacturers have different detailed instructions for the transfer process, including heat settings and the length of time that the heat should be applied, but all brands of heat press transfer paper only require a heat press machine(we also have transfer paper for  iron) . For the best results, people should follow the directions provided with the heat transfer paper, including those for applying the design and washing the fabric.

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heat press transfer paper

If you want to have a longer life after transferring, you can face the pattern inward when washing, and select machine washing, so that the transfer paper can be maintained to the greatest extent.

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heat transfer paper manufacturers

All in all, the t shirt transfer paper is an excellent product of simple operation and easy to personalized transparent pattern. It will integrate into our lives and let us realize DIY freedom.