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Can you do sublimation on cotton shirt?

obm sublitextile

As we know, dye sublimation is mainly used for non- cotton fabrics, such as polyester, so how should we operate for cotton T-shirts? And OBM can solve this problem very well!

OBM material is similar to a substrate and needs to be used with sublimation paper!

There are a total of 6 types of OBM, namely elastic, short velvet, long velvet, rough pearlscent, satin pearlscent and tatami.

The usage process is as follows:

1. Use sublimation transfer paper to mirror print the pattern;

obm sublitextile-print

obm sublitextile-print

2. Use scissors to cut out the outline of the desired pattern along the edge of the pattern. It is recommended that the outline of the OBM paper is 1-2mm larger than the pattern (if you have a plotter, you can also use the plotter to engrave the outline of the pattern);

obm sublitextile-cut

obm sublitextile-cut

3. Set the temperature and time of the heat press machine to 180°C, 40S, and the pressure is moderately small;

4. Iron the transferred fabric, tear off the bottom paper of the OBM with the cut outline, cover the sublimation transfer paper on the OBM paper, center the pattern, cover the release paper and press the heat press machine to complete the transfer;

5. After the transfer is completed, wash after 24 hours. Do not soak for a long time or dry.

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Matters needing attention:

1. The pressure of the heat press machine should not be too high when transferring thick and fine pearlescent OBM. If the pressure is too high, it will cause the hot melt adhesive to penetrate through the fabric, making the sublimation paper stick to the OBM fabric, and the transfer will be smaller. the pressure;

2. Rought and Satin pearlescent OBM paper has relatively poor cloth coverage, so you need to be careful when choosing the fabric, and pay attention to color penetration when transferring to dark-colored fabrics;

3. The pattern printed on OBM sublitextile and sublimation paper must be transferred successfully at one time. You cannot transfer the pattern to the OBM first, and then cut the printed OBM and transfer it to the clothes. If you transfer it like this First, the transferred pattern will be secondary sublimated due to high temperature, and the effect of pattern transfer will become poor; second, the structure of the hot melt adhesive layer will be destroyed, and the OBM will fall off from the fabric after washing.