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Is selling heat transfer vinyl a good business?

pu heat transfer vinyls

We all know that Shanghai Vision is a transfer materials manufacturer, and among all the transfer materials, their heat transfer vinyls are absolutely very hot sell in markets. Then may be some customers are wondering is it a good business that selling heat transfer vinyls?

Well, for starting transfer vinyl business, then first you need to investigate and analysis your market from different points, such as below questions:

1.Which country produced t shirt printing vinyl are the most hot selling ones, Korea, China or Italy?

2.You must have some knowledge about different transfer vinyl types, such as PU, PVC, Glitter, Flock, soft metallic, printable, chameleon and so on.

3.Which types vinyls are the most popular ones? PU? PVC? Glitter? Flock? 3D puff? And what colors are selling good?

flock heat transfer vinyls

flock heat transfer vinyls

4.Prepare a warehouse, a store or a show-room.

5.Ready enough capital for starting the heat transfer vinyl business. Because before you start your HTV vinyl business, then need you rent a shop facade, and decorate it.

6.Learn how to judge different transfer vinyls quality.

7.Following the market trend closely, such as researches and developments for new heat transfer vinyls.

8.Inquire shipping and custom broker agencies.

Well, if you decided to start t shirt vinyl wholesale business, when you place order, it’s better to order mainly basic vinyl types and colors, then add some special ones. Basic vinyl types and colors means PU or PVC, colors as black, white and red. And for beginning orders, it’s better try small quantities to test your markets and your customers. If customers acceptance and recognition are very well, then you can increase order quantity by orders.

VISION heat transfer vinyl factory

VISION heat transfer vinyl factory

As a professional maker of vinyls, if you still have any issue with heat transfer vinyl factory or our digital printing products, don’t hesitate to contact us freely,We are the cheapest place to buy heat transfer vinyl for you.