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How do you print T shirts at home with Iron On heat transfer paper

inkjet light iron on transfer paper

We often be asked by customers that ‘What equipment or materials should I prepare for my home T Shirts printing business?’

Well, for home T shirt printing business, firstly you should consider the printers, in these three categories, you have different options as laser printers and inkjet printers. Laser printers then you can select from OKI White toner printers and laser low temperature printers. For Inkjet printers you can choose from normal inkjet printers and DTF Printers. For regular inkjet printers you have options as normal inkjet transfer papers, just choose pigment ink for your printer. You can also choose sublimation ink for your printer, then you need use with sublimation transfer paper and t shirt choose white polyester fabric shirts. After printer selection, then you need consider the heat press machine or an Iron.

Among upper solutions, I suggest Inkjet printer and Iron solution most. Because it’s convenient and space saving, most suitable way for almost families. In this solution, then I want to introduce our Iron on heat transfer papers. This paper is use ink jet printer to print with pigment ink. And can use an iron to transfer onto cotton shirts. Below are our Youtube video, you can take a look if you have any interest.

Among inkjet transfer papers by VISION factory, we have inkjet dark transfer paper, inkjet light transfer paper, glitter dark transfer paper, luminous dark transfer paper,  light iron on transfer paper. Our regular inkjet dark transfer papers can use iron to heat transfer. But for light iron transfer paper, it’s different from regular inkjet light transfer paper.

You must have impression that VISION Carrying OEM Services, for VISION Iron transfer papers, if your order quantity can meet 30000 sheets A4 a type, then we can print your logo on the backing page for free. And paid customizing front page designs.

If you still have any issue with our iron on transfer paper or our other transfer materials, welcome to contact us freely.