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What printers can you use for DTF printing?

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PRINTINGUNITED Exhibition is already finished for a bit of days, may be some friends are wondering ‘what is hot in the exhibition?’ Obviously, it’s DTF Printing. Different types DTF printing equipments, DTF transfer film, DTF Textile pigment ink, DTF Hot melt adhesive powder. Actually DTF now is hot not only in US Market, but also among the whole world market, such as South American Markets, Africa Markets, Middle East Markets and so on. Well, today we will share something about the DTF Printing.

What printers can be used for DTF?

Firstly, some friends may ask question as ‘If I want to start DTF printing, what printer can I use for DTF?’, it’s DTF Printer. DTF Printers divided into roll solution printers and sheet solution printers. Roll solution printers such as printing widths of 0.3m, 0.6m, 1.2m and so on. Sheet solution printers as A4 format, A3 format. It is different from regular Ink Jet printers. In market, there are mainly modified printers from EPSON printers.

DTF printer-0627

DTF printer

Which type solution should I choose?

Some guys may also wondering ‘which type solution should I choose?’ For the printer select, it’s depends on your daily printing workload. Considering 8 working hours a day, though you print most complicated images of A3 format, then you can print about 35 sheets a day. If in A4 format, then it’s about 55 sheets a day. If those quantities is ineffective for you, then you can consider a 0.3m roll format printer or 0.6m format ones. In most industrial DTF Printing, 0.3m printing width is enough for routine printing works.

For printing equipment, then it’s can not ignore the printing machine’s maintenance. For your DTF Printer, if you print everyday, then please shake the DTF ink cartriage before printing. Slightly shake is okay. If you can not print everyday, before starting printing work, please clean the printer and shake the ink cartriage violently.

dtf printing bag

dtf printing bag

Last but not least, printing consumbles select is also very important. If you don’t choose good quality DTF PET Film, it may cause that your printer can not read the film smoothly. And if you choose bad quality DTF ink, it’s easily to block the print-head.

Shanghai Vision is a professional dtf printing factory more than 15 years. If you still have any issue with DTF printing, or you are interested in other transfer materials, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be pleasant to serve you well.