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What is Vision self weeding transfer paper?

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What is self weeding transfer paper?

Vision self weeding transfer paper is loved by the public.It is suitable for Dark Colored Garments.Self weeding transfer paper for dark shirts is suitable for low temperature laser printer with white toner,such as OKI C711WT(A4) / C941DN(A3).Laser Dark (No-Cut) transfer paper has been adapted to the requirements of promotional and commodity materials, which are not stretchable and don’t require a high wash fastness.

How does self weeding transfer paper works?

self-weeding transfer paper

self-weeding transfer paper

Self-weeding transfer paper has a two-step process: the sheet you print on is not coated and the adhesive comes on a secondary sheet.

What is the Characteristics of self weeding transfer paper?

No Cutting & No Weeding
Self-Weeding 2-Paper System
Multi-Color Designs
No Bleeding of the edges on Hard Surfaces
Multiple Applications
Very Soft Touch
Vibrant & Brilliant Colors

What is the transfer process of self weeding transfer paper?

Vision provides you two solutions of Self-Weeding (no-cut ) Laser Dark Transfer Paper:you can choose A foil and B paper or A paper and B paper.Now let me show you the 2-paper transfer process:

1.Print on A foil/A paper
Select laser printers with white toner;use vector file,such as .ai/.cdr/.eps;Select mirror printing mode;If there is white in the pattern,check “Enable white”.
2.Transfer B paper (coated surface) to A paper/A foil
Place A on the platen with the printed side facing up,place B on A with coated side facing down,make sure the pattern is completely covered by B paper.
You can put a piece of scrip in the blank corner between A and B,it is for next easier separation.
Set the temperature:165-175℃ Time:60-90s Pressure: heavy pressure
The temperature and time can be adjusted according to the situation
After the transfer,wait for a while,then separate B from A when it is hot in a uniform motion.
Note:Be sure to separate B while it is hot.It is recommended to perform directly on the silicone pad of your heat press.
Cut off the white excess on the edges.
3.Transfer the pattern of A paper /A foil to the T-shirt
Set the temperature: 165-175℃   Time:10-15s; Pressure:Heavy pressure
The temperature and time can be adjusted according to the situation
When the heat transfer time is over,take out the T-shirt smoothly and place it on a flat surface.
After the T-shirt is completely cold,remove the A slowly and carefully at a uniform speed.
To increase the firmness and washability,repress the transfer for another 3-5 seconds.
If you would like to know more about the method of operation about self weeding transfer paper for dark shirts,please watch our VIDEO
Note:Wash the fabric after pressing for 48 hours, and wash it inside out.

Which sizes does Vision supply?

As a main manufacturer in the world,vision provide all kinds of heat transfer paper,including self weeding transfer paper,our available Sizes for you:
DIN A3 (297 x 420 mm) DIN A4 (210 x 297 mm).If you need other digital printing products,please view our website.We can also customize the size for your requirement.

What substrate does self weeding transfer paper apply for?

Vision self weeding transfer paper is widely applied for a range of garments, such as Cotton,Polyester,Poly-cotton,Nylon(T-Shirts,Polo Shirts,Caps,Towels etc),Textiles,MDF,Book Covers,Metal,Cork, Silk,Leather,Denim,Paper/Carton,tote bags, sports bags, Pillows,Caps,napkins, key rings, Umbrellas,as well as gift products and hard surfaces such as paper and wood.
If you have any other questions on laser dark (No-Cut) transfer paper, please contact us.

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