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What is flocked vinyl?

Flocked heat transfer vinyl0401

Flock is a unique heat transfer vinyl.It is a fuzzy or furry heat transfer vinyl that gives you a raised, soft and textured suede/velvet feel.Flocked vinyl is a perfect alternative to embroidery. This makes it ideal for children’s clothing (such as bodysuits) and adult clothing (such as team jerseys).
Flocked vinyl is a much thicker variety of vinyl than regular heat transfer vinyl. Fluff means it’s elevated, adding an extra dimension to your design.

What is the feature of flocked vinyl?

Flocked HTV vinyl is made of washed nylon wool and polyurethane material, which is precisely coated and has a smooth plush touch; It is high temperature resistant polyester (PET) release substrate and not deformed by high temperature hot stamping.Flock heat trasnfer vinyl is easy to engrave, cut and weed.
For specific feature of flock htv vinyl,you can refer to the flock heat transfer vinyl product page.

Flock vinyl heat press setting

flock heat press vinyl

flock heat press vinyl

Precautions for Vision flock heat transfer vinyl.
1) Transfer temperature: 150-160℃, transfer time: 10-15S.
2) After transfer, cold or hot peel is ok.

What is flocked vinyl used for?

Flock HTV vinyl can be used on textile fabrics, with good coverage, strong three-dimensional effect, pure fluff color and bright color, which is outstanding in many types of heat transfer vinyl.
Applicable fabrics: cotton, polyester, acrylic fibers and similar fibers.But nylon materials will not work.
It can be used in football suits, swimwear, cycling suits, outdoor suits, bags, shoes and hats and other industries.

heat transfer vinyl manufacturer

heat transfer vinyl manufacturer

Where to wholesale the cheapest flock vinyl?

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