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Heat transfer paper and Sublimation paper

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In recent years, the technology of heat transfer and sublimation become more and more popular.So the sales of heat transfer paper and sublimation paper in the T-shirt printing market have been very hot.However, many people are confused by these two words, and can’t distinguish the connection and difference between them.Today please follow me to study this knowledge.

What is heat transfer?

Heat transfer is one kind of special printing , which transfer the flower designs and patterns from thermal transfer paper to the surface of printed materials with the technology of heat transfer.

The features of heat transfer

A. It has high efficiency and can printed many colors together.
2) With bright colors, saturated,realistic patterns
3) Good pattern adhesion
4) Durable and wear-resistant

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transfer paper

What is sublimation?

Sublimation is a kind of printing ,it can take principle of the thermal sublimation, and penetrate the designs and patterns from sublimation paper to the surface of printing materials.

The features of sublimation

1) The pattern is penetrated directly into the surface of the object.
2) With characters of bright colors, excellent adhesion and hard to fade.
3) It cannot change the surface feeling of original printed materials.

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sublimation paper

Distiguish of heat transfer and sublimation

In a word, Sublimation is one kind technology of Heat transfer. With   same printing process, thermal transfer printing out to be a convex sense,and sublimation is feeling very smooth; heat transfer is the transfer of patterns and designs, while sublimation is the penetration of patterns.  That’s the connection and difference between these two technology. 

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