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Sublimation Paper on Cotton Shirts

sublimation htv vinyl on cotton

As far as we know, sublimation paper mainly use for non-cotton light color shirts, such as polyester. But with the continuous updating of products, in order to meet the needs of customers, we can also achieve Sublimation Paper For Cotton Shirts. And in this process, we need to use two products together, one is OBM Sublitextile and the other is Sublimation HTV.

This two products are very popular now in the market. And luckily, VISION sublimation paper factory has produced these two digital products and sales to the global customers. Next, let’s to see together how to make Sublimation Paper For Cotton Shirts.

Sublimation Paper For Cotton Shirts With OBM Sublitextile:

First of all, position the fabric in which the OBM will be applied to the heat press;
The second, remove the protective paper from the OBM and place it on the fabric to be transferred;
Third, carefully position the paper with the sublimation print on the OBM with the image facing down;
Fourth, press for 40 seconds at 210℃.



Sublimation Paper For Cotton Shirts With Sublimation HTV:

First of all, print the sublimation paper with mirror printing, choose high-quality glossy paper, and select standard for printing quality. After the ink is dry, cut off the excess part of the printed picture.

Second, use the cutting plotter to cut the Sublimation heat transfer vinyl, lay the vinyl on the cutting mat, shiny side down, rough side up, to ensure line up well with the printed image, we expand the  image and outline image to a size of about 0.075cm, we could choose the “VINYL” MODE so that we could get a cut vinyl, click mirror,  weeding the vinyl, get rid of the excess part of vinyl.

Third,place the light-colored fabric or t-shirt on the bottom plate of heat press machine, and press for 3-5 seconds to remove wrinkles.

Forth,seting the temperature of the heat press machine to 185 degrees Celsius(365 degrees Fahrenheit), 5-10 seconds, and the pressure is medium, there is a shiny side and the other side’s a little more tacky, kind of sticky, we need to put the  smooth shiny side up, after transfer thesublimation printable vinyl, cold peeling.

Fifth,change the time of the heat press machine to 40 seconds. Center the cut or cut sublimation paper, print side down, on the film.  To prevent misalignment, it is recommended to use heat transfer tape to fix the paper. Cover with a high-temperature oil paper, press down the heat press machine and wait for the countdown to end.

Sixth, cold peeling the sublimation paper from the fabrics or tshirts.

sublimation on 100 cotton

sublimation on 100 cotton

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