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How to use Self-weeding Transfer Paper?

self-weeding heat transfer paper

Self-weeding Transfer Paper is one of our best selling products,maybe for new users who use our products, they may not be very skilled in operation the self-weeding transfer paper.

So let’s introduce the operation steps for you:

1. A is a transparent film, the matte surface of the film is the printing surface, the back is a smooth surface, and B is a white paper with gray VISION back printing.
2. Must choose a OKI printer with white toner for the best printing effect.
3. Use the CDR vector file for the picture, enter the print interface, import the image into the computer, and select [Mirror] in the preprint column; if there is a white part in the pattern, select white to enable.
4. Put B front side onto A front with pattern (must keep the back labels outside), then overlap. (A film with pattern must be completely covered by B paper). Adjust the temperature to 160℃-170℃, and put overlapped AB onto the flat, then press for 80-90s.
5. When tims’s up, peel B paper off A film rapidly without leaving the flat (hot tear). Must be quick within 1s-3s. If there has remained glue on the edage of A film, you need to cut off edge and throw away B paper.
6.Reset the time to 10s-15s and keep temperature and press constant, then put the T-shirt onto the flat and put A (printing side) onto the T-shirt.
7. Whe time’s up, after sevaeral seconds (10s-15s), peel A film off the T-shirt (cold tear), then transfer finished.
8. After the transfer is completed, the release paper can be covered and pressed for 3-5 seconds again to enhance the firmness.
9. The fabric to be transferred needs pure cotton fabric. It is recommended that the fabric has low elasticity, and the surface of the fabric is relatively rough. If the adhesion of the fabric pattern with high elasticity and smoothness is relatively low. It is difficult to release the A-film transfer fabric, and greatly reduce the success rate of transfer.
10. Wash after 24hours, can be machine washed and hand washed.

no-cut heat transfer paper

no-cut heat transfer paper

If you still have question about the steps about our self-weeding transfer paper, please follow our youtube video,or get in touch with us at any time.

This video will help you learn more about Self Weeding Transfer Paper On Dark Tshirt:

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